Conference Record
The 2020 Conference of the System Dynamics Society
Virtually Bergen, Norway
July 19-24 2020

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A. Assuad, Carla Susana* with Matteo Pedercini   Life cycle management of electric vehicles in Norway, and its effects on SDGs achievement using the Integrated Assessment Model   Abstract

Agarwal, Arpit* with Jayendran Venkateswaran   Modelling Household Energy Consumption in areas with unreliable electricity supply   Abstract

Akar, Ezgi* with Ali Kerem Saysel   Occupational Safety Dynamics in Onshore LNG Receiving Terminals   Abstract Paper Supporting

Akhavan, Ali* with Paulo Goncalves   Groundwater dynamics; a common-pool resources problem   Abstract

Akyol Kizilkaya, Goksen* with Eray Egmir and Ulkem Yararbas   The Perceptions Of Teachers On Using The Systems Thinking Approach In In-class Applications   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Akyol Kizilkaya, Goksen* with Ulkem Yararbas   Primary School Applications of Systems Thinking in Turkey from 2014 to 2020   Abstract  Link from authors

Albaladejo, Isabel with Fuensanta Arnaldos* and María Pilar Martínez-García   Beyond the Tourism Area Life Cycle: a model for competing tourist destinations   Abstract

Alderman, Leigh* with Angela Snyder and Karen Minyard   Building Policymaker Capacity to Address Maternal Mortality in the United States Using Systems Mapping and Modeling   Abstract  Link from authors

Aliaga, Walter* with Joel Bacal   Gender inequality low-order model in the workplace due to the fertility rate in developed countries   Abstract

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto* with Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro, Ruth Raquel Almaguer Navarro, Beatriz Eugenia Navarro Vazquez and Pedro Dagoberto lAmaguer Navarro   China (Mao Zedong policies design 1958)   Abstract  Link from authors

ALMashaqbeh, Sahar M. with Jose Eduardo Munive-Hernandez* and M. Khurshid Khan   A System Dynamics Model for Supply Chain Risk Assessment in Power Plants   Abstract

Alsubait, Norah* with Tiru Arthanari   Sustainability in Universities: A framework for monitoring the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030   Abstract Paper

Alvarez-Cadena, Juan Daniel with Camilo Olaya*   The Exogenous Challenge of Coffee Price Dynamics: Searching for Endogenous Hope   Abstract

Ansah, John* with David Matchar   Using population segmentation approach to project future health and social care needs (HASS) among the Elderly in Singapore   Abstract

Ansah, John* with David Matchar, Amina Islam and Nirmali Sivapragasam   Evaluating the Health and Economic Benefits of WHO Package of Essential Non-Communicable Diseases Intervention in Cambodia   Abstract

Ansah, John* with Nipaporn Urwannachotima   Impact of sugar-sweetened beverage tax on dental caries: a simulation analysis   Abstract

Araujo, Francisco* with Bertha Baez and Pedro Dagoberto Almaguer Prado   MIES Project, a review of the education proposal. System dynamics as a toolbox for the Systems Citizen.   Abstract  Link from authors

Araz, Ozgur*   Exploring Complex Systems Dynamics Between Firm Strategies and Obesity Policies   Abstract

Arias-Gaviria, Jessica with Alberto Lamadrid J. and Santiago Arango*   Would renewable damp oscillations in power markets? An experimental analysis   Abstract Paper

Arias-Gaviria, Jessica with Veronica Valencia-Hernandez, Yris Olaya and Santiago Arango*   The impact of sustainable buildings in electricity demand in Colombia   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano* with Federico Barnabè, Alessandro Pompei and Rocco Scolozzi   Managing Urban Sustainability in a Cooperative Interactive Learning Environment   Abstract  Link from authors

Assmann, Christian* with Madhur Jain and Simon Shepherd   Explaning Future Urban Mobility Mechanisms Using System’s Thinking – A Case Study of Munich and Singapore   Abstract Paper

Atamer Balkan, Büsra* with Yaman Barlas and Sedef Meral   From Generic to Optimally Calibrated System Dynamics Models: An Application in Agricultural Value Chains   Abstract Paper

Bakare, Tolulope*   Implementation of Sustainable Health Equity in Nigeria’s Formal and Informal Sector   Abstract

Bakhshandeh, Mojtaba* with Yahya Zare Mehrjerdi   Project Efficiency Estimation by Dynamic Simulation of Earned Value Management Model   Abstract

Bakken, Bent Erik*   The Power of Self-reinforcing Feedback: With a little help from your EV friends in Norway   Abstract

Bakken, Bjørn Tallak*   Phase Transitions in Crisis Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Strategic Decision-making   Abstract

Bal, Elif* with Ali Kerem Saysel   Groundwater Appropriation Game: A Dynamic Simulation Approach   Abstract

Ballard, Ellis* with Kelsey Werner and Jill Kuhlberg   Practice reflections on engaging communities for social change with system dynamics   Abstract

Barajas Castillo, Julio with Inge Bleijenbergh*   Social Capital of Diversity Groups as Driver of Social Equality in the European Union   Abstract Paper

Barnabè, Federico* with Maria Cleofe Giorgino and Martin Kunc   Qualitative System Dynamics Practice: using “resource maps” as visuals for accounting education   Abstract Paper

Bartelet, Henry*   Analysis of the boundaries and a possible extension of Jay Forrester’s ‘Urban Dynamics’   Abstract

Bassi, Andrea* with Georg Pallaske   Can System Dynamics support planning for sustainability across processes and domains?   Abstract  Link from authors

Bassi, Andrea* with Georg Pallaske   Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi), Delivering insight for sustainable infrastructure   Abstract  Link from authors

Batinge, Benjamin*   Modelling gendered innovation for the security of energy services in poor urban environments   Abstract

Bivona, Enzo* with Gisele Mendy Bilek   Using System Dynamics modelling to frame environmental voluntary commitment programs: the French experience   Abstract Paper

Blumberga, Andra* with Gatis Bazbauers and Armands Gravelsins   Lessons from 10 Years Policy Design in the Energy Efficiency Sector   Abstract Paper

Blumberga, Andra with Gatis Bazbauers*, Armands Gravelsins and Dagnija Blumberga   Application of system dynamics for design of national energy and climate plan   Abstract Paper

Branscomb, Jane* with Angela Snyder, Karen Minyard and James Dills   Policy Engagement for Public Health Professionals: Tools for Finding Your Place   Abstract  Link from authors

Brautigam, Max* with Steve Peterson and Lindsey Reitinger   Contagious Anxiety: Modeling Stress Symptoms as Disease   Abstract

Brennan, Caroline* with Owen Molloy and Jim Duggan   Using Systems Thinking, System Dynamics and Simulation for Sustainability Education: A Study Design   Abstract Paper Supporting

Brereton, Claire* with Matteo Pedercini   Effective Strategies for Children's Environmental Health in the Solomon Islands   Abstract  Link from authors

Brown, Stephan*   No time for that: Engaging busy stakeholders through Web-based SD model-building, -exercising, and -extending   Abstract

Buor, John Kwesi*   Perception of Developed Country Status and the Sustainability of Ghana’s Cocoa Supply Chain   Abstract

Caddell, JD* with Patrick Driscoll, Travis Connell and James Enos   Multi-Tiered Workforce and Work Complexity Modeling   Abstract

Caddell, JD* with Travis Connell, James Enos and Patrick Driscoll   Building Interactive System Dynamics Simulations in R   Abstract

Caglayan, Gulnaz* with Ulkem Yararbas   Kindergarten Applications of Systems Thinking in Turkey from 2014 to 2020   Abstract  Link from authors

Caglayan, Gulnaz* with Ulkem Yararbas   Lou - Bullying in Schools   Abstract  Link from authors

Cakir, Volkan* with Ugur Hosyilmaz   An Extended Behavioral Model for Quitting Smoke Using System Dynamics   Abstract

Cassidy, Rachel* with Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel, Agnes Rwashana Semwanga, Neha S. Singh, Peter Binyaruka, Nicholaus Mziray, John Maiba, Zaid Chalabi, Karl Blanchet, Josephine Borghi   Analysing the health system response to payment for performance interventions in Tanzania   Abstract

Chalise, Nishesh with Rachel Matsumoto*, Hayley Butler, William Liem, Ellen O'Neill and Saras Chung   Challenges and opportunities of intervening in an early childhood education system   Abstract

Chen, Jian Hung* with Chang-Lung Yen   Organization Ambidexterity for Public Industrial Research Institutes   Abstract

Cheng, Si* with Jeff Trailer   Investigating the causes of the growth-profitability efficacy syndrome   Abstract Paper

Chintalapati, Pranav*   Functionality and financial implications of professional maintenance services for rural water service delivery in Kenya   Abstract

Cole, Melissa* with Christine E Kasper and Jan Martin   Registered Nurse Shortage in New Mexico: System Dynamics Modeling as an Innovative Approach to Strengthening the Workforce   Abstract

Cole, Nathan Waldner* with Richard Ruston   Shining a Light on Norwegian Opioid Overdoses   Abstract

Çömez, Sema* with Yaman Barlas and Aybek Korugan   Modeling the Dynamics of Vicious Cycles Involved in Heart-Respiratory Failure (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Connolly, Justin*   Mapping connectivity and risks within marine sectors to explore a transition to a sustainable (‘blue’) marine economy   Abstract

Cortes Calderon, Sofia Valeria* with David Collste and María Mancilla-García   Shifting the Path-Dependency of Bottled Water Towards Urban Drinking Water Security   Abstract

Cunico, Giovanni with Edoardo Mollona* and Eirini Aivazidou   System dynamics gamification: Lessons learned from the PERCEIVE Simulation Lab development   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Curran, Katherine* and Nici Zimmermann   COMPLEX: Using a System Dynamics Approach to Modelling Plastic Artefacts in Museum Collections   Abstract

Currie, Danielle* with Cindy Peng, Jacqueline Davison and Jo-An Atkinson   It takes a village (to build a system dynamics model) - A reflection on 5 years of participatory model building   Abstract

Currie, Danielle* with Jacqueline Davison, Simon Chiu and Paul Crosland   Simulating the impacts of multiple lifestyle-related risk factors on the health and productivity of Australians   Abstract

Danielsson, Emelie* with Lucas Dawson and Frida Lager   Integrating risk analysis with systems analysis - Practitioner developments in risk management for water security and planning   Abstract

Dashjamts, Ariunerdene with Budjav Uuganbayar* and Badarch Dendev   System dynamics modeling of Mongolian cashmere sector   Abstract  Link from authors

Davie, Sarah* with Robert Eberlein   The Effect of Food, Housing and Skills Interventions on Individual Life Trajectories   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

de Gooyert, Vincent* with Paulo Goncalves, Christian Erik Kampmann, Florian Kapmeier, Birgit Kopainsky, Juliette Rooney-Varga, Etiënne Rouwette, Jeroen Struben, Nuno Videira, Nici Zimmermann   System Dynamics & Sustainability: A Research Agenda for the Coming Decade(s)   Abstract

de Waal, Jan-Wouter with Cornelia van Daalen*, Pieternel Luning and Bea Steenbekkers   Decreasing household food waste: A study of food waste interventions   Abstract Paper

de Witt, Magnus*   Remote norther electricity markets - Electricity in the dynamics of a mixed economy   Abstract

Debreuck, Wim*   Using SD-Model to Optimize Profitability in a Rental Business (Mateco)   Abstract

Decouttere, Catherine* with Nico Vandaele   The Immunization System at Community Level: the Case of Rwanda   Abstract

Deuten, Sebastiaan* with Babak Bahaddin   Taking a Broad Societal Perspective to the Prevalence of Type-2 Diabetes in the Netherlands: Using GMB and Scenario Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Deutsch, Arielle* with Rebecca Lustfield and Mohammad Jalali   Community-based system dynamics modeling of sensitive public health issues: Maximizing diverse representation of individuals    Abstract Paper Supporting

Dey, Payal*   System Dynamics modeling for grid-interconnected business model for rural electrification in India   Abstract  Link from authors

Dianati, Kaveh*   Vipassana Meditation: An Endogenous, Feedback-centred Approach to Human Mental Well-being   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dietz, Joshua Cedric with Ivan Ðula and Andreas Groessler*   Social Preferences in Dynamically Complex Supply Chains: Reciprocity in the Beer Distribution Game   Abstract Paper

Dirk, Cherie* with Birgit Kopainsky, Jai Clifford-Holmes and Lindsey Gillson   Using palaeoecology and system dynamics to inform conservation of a biodiversity-rich, but endangered, ecosystem   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Donkohlova, Tetiana*   A dynamic analysis of the key destabilizing factors on the Ukrainian Labor Market. Wage management   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert*   Economic Dynamics: Two Years from Completion   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Eberlein, Robert* with William Schoenberg   Finding the Loops that Matter   Abstract

Egerer, Sabine* with Rodrigo Valencia and Maria Manez   A leverage points analysis of a qualitative system dynamics model for climate change adaptation in agriculture   Abstract

EZZEBDI, Fouad* with Saad Benjelloun   Systemic Modeling of a large Fertilizer manufacturing Platform: a Proof of Concept model and a step toward industrial symbiosis   Abstract

Faezipour, Misagh*   A Study of Enhancing Competency and Advancement in a Complex Multi-Agent Marketplace   Abstract

Feichtinger, Susanne* with Manfred Gronalt   Analysing the environmental impact of transportation on the last mile for online and in-store shopping   Abstract

Feucht, Isabel* with Florian Kapmeier   Assessing the Boom and Bust of the German Photovoltaic Market – An Analysis of the German Photovoltaic Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fisher, Diana* with Edward Gallaher   Teaching Homeostasis to Secondary School Anatomy and Physiology Students   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Fowler, Patrick with Katherine Marçal* and Peter Hovmand   Meeting Housing Needs of Child Welfare-Involved Families: Policy Insights from Simulation Modeling   Abstract

Freeman, Leanne* with Shreya Sonthalia   A Dynamic Model of Coercive Control in Adolescent Relationships   Abstract Paper Supporting

Froese Buzogany, Raquel* with Birgit Kopainsky and Paulo Goncalves   Mapping Interactions Between Food Security and Poverty   Abstract

Gamerman, Max* with Cleotilde Gonzalez   Incentives and Correlational Thinking: An Experiment with Piece-Rate Payments   Abstract  Link from authors

Gencer, Busra* with Ann van Ackere   Decarbonizing electricity generation: Final Targets vs. Imposing a Path   Abstract

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid* with Hazhir Rahmandad   Simulation-based Estimation of the Early Spread of COVID-19 in Iran: Actual versus Confirmed Cases   Abstract

Gillani, Braveheart*   Multi-tiered Approach to Refugee Support- Indonesia   Abstract

Gitau, Hellen with Kanyiva Muindi, Nici Zimmermann and Kaveh Dianati*   Using Participatory System Dynamics to understand and improve the public participation process in Solid Waste Management   Abstract

Gkini, Christina with Ashish Shrestha* and Birgit Kopainsky   Empowering Communities: Power devolution in Community-Based Natural Resource Management   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gnoffo, Salvatore* with Angelo Guerrera   Political Patronage in a Small Italian Local Government: An Outcome-Based DPM Approach on Fiduciary Practices   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Gravelsins, Armands* with Aiga Barisa, Dagnija Blumberga, Andra Blumberga and Gatis Bazbauers   Road transport decarbonization – policies to promote electric vehicles   Abstract Paper

Greenspan, Andrew*   Corporate Sustainability Applications of the En-ROADS Model   Abstract

Guehnemann, Astrid* with Oliver Roider and Roman Klementschitz   Simulation of passenger demand and operating cost scenarios for the use of autonomous shuttles in rural public transport   Abstract  Link from authors

Gürsan, Cem* with Vincent de Gooyert   The systemic impact of a transition fuel: Does natural gas help or hinder the energy transition?   Abstract

Gusheva, Ema*   Beyond the tragedy of ‘open access’: An exploratory model of governance rules for the commons (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Güz, Şanser* with Orkun Irsoy, Naz Beril Akan and Gönenç Yucel   Managing Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia using Exogenous Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor   Abstract Paper

Guzzo, Daniel* with Vinicius Picanco Rodrigues and Janaina Costa   Circular Economy scenarios in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment industry   Abstract  Link from authors

Haji Gholam Saryazdi, Ali* with Dariush Poursarrajian   Using participative model building for considering behavior patterns of SMEs in Yazd Science and Technology Park   Abstract Paper

Haji Gholam Saryazdi, Ali* with Dariush Poursarrajian, Amirabbas Vatanara and Mohammad Ghavidel   Using Qualitative System Dynamics in Analyzing the Effect of Tourism Industry on Economic Development and Employment in Iran   Abstract Paper

Handore, Komal* with Veruval Devadas   Modeling the Complex and Dynamic Urban System   Abstract

Hartwig, Lukas* with Paul Pfaffenbichler   Systemcheck – A System Dynamics learning game for students on urban-rural transport interactions   Abstract  Link from authors

Hayden, Nancy* and Jasper Hardesty and Howard Passell   Peace Engineering in the Arctic: Accommodating diverse interests in a changing environment.   Abstract

Hayden, Nancy* with Jason Reinhardt, Mallory Stewart, JD Doak, Thushara Gunda and Kelsey Abel   Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Space: Balancing Risks of Unintended Escalation   Abstract

Hayward, John* with Rebecca Jeffs and Paul Roach   A Supply and Demand Model of Political Party Growth   Abstract Paper

He, Peijie* with Cleotilde Gonzalez   A Test of Adults’ Linear Thinking in Non-Linear Math problems for Children   Abstract  Link from authors

Heffernan, Mark* with Jo-An Atkinson   Reaching the Vanguard target for reducing homelessness: Leveraging administrative data and systems modelling and simulation   Abstract

Herrera, Hugo* with Birgit Kopainsky   Using Microworlds for Resilience Management of Food Systems   Abstract Paper

Herrera, Hugo* with Marleen McCardle-Keurentjes and Nuno Videira   Reflecting on Factors Influencing Long-Lasting Organisational Effects of Group Model Building Interventions   Abstract Paper

Hetesi, Zsolt* with Tibor Kiss and Zsolt Németh   System dynamics modeling of neutron flux and reactivity change in the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl Power Plant   Abstract

Hofer, Annalena with Manuel Müller, Julian Andrade and Stefan Groesser*   Smart City Logistics: A First Perspective on Modeling Cargo Sous Terrain   Abstract

Holmstrom, Paul* with Thomas Björk- Eriksson, Caroline Olsson, Fredrik Bååthe and Pal Davidsen   Insights gained from a reanalysis of five model-facilitated change processes in healthcare based on action research approaches   Abstract

Horschig, Thomas* with Tomas Hubik, Hector Menendez and Joona Tuovinen   Escape from the Death Spiral: The Survival of Peer Mentoring Groups   Abstract

Horschig, Thomas* and Bent Erik Bakken   The Energy Transition: Impact on the Ocean   Abstract

Horvat, Andrijana* with Edien Rommens, Marloes Busscher, Alberto Garre Perez, Miriam Koene, Pieternel Luning, Cornelia van Daalen and Mohammad Jalali   Improving safety in the food chain: the case of Campylobacter bacterial contamination in poultry in the Netherlands   Abstract

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha* with Rod MacDonald and David Andersen   Modeling of adolescents’ and young adults’ drinking and driving behaviors in the United States   Abstract

Hovmand, Peter* with Mia Vogel, Braveheart Gillani and Ellis Ballard   Developing Inclusive Communities of Practice   Abstract

Hu, Bo* with Bo Zhang   Using System Dynamics Against the COVID-19 and Other Grievances   Abstract

Huang, Jiaoling* and Qin Zhu   What’s wrong with epidemic prevention and control system of COVID-19 in China: Weak Section and Intervention Strategy   Abstract

Ismail, Sharif* with Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel, Fouad Fouad, Karl Blanchet and Josephine Borghi   Strengthening national vaccination delivery systems for displaced populations in protracted humanitarian crises in Lebanon   Abstract

Ismail, Sharif* with Rachel Cassidy, Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel, Neha S. Singh, Karl Blanchet and Josephine Borghi   A critical reflection on approaches to problem articulation for system dynamics modelling in health policy analysis projects   Abstract

Jama, Mustafe H. with Stian Taalesen, John Egil Nilssen and Kim van Oorschot*   No Time to Waste: Making Waste Sorting Worth the Time   Abstract Paper

Janipour, Zahra with Floris Swennenhuis, Vincent de Gooyert* and Heleen de Coninck   Understanding Contrasting Narratives on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage   Abstract

Jimenez, Maritza* with Isaac Dyner and Carlos Franco   Technological transformation in the electricity sector: How active demand-side management affects residential load curve?   Abstract

Jimenez, Maritza* with Monica Castaneda, Sebastian Zapata Ramirez, Carlos Franco and Isaac Dyner   The rooftop-solar spiral of growth: a cross-country extent, speed and implication analysis   Abstract

Jittrapirom, Peraphan*   Exploring applications of GMB to support decarbonising the transport sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Johnson, Jennifer*   Using Online Interactive Learning Environments to Map Student Learning   Abstract

Josi, Jonas with Charly Gerber, Yan Scholl and Stefan Groesser*   Rising Health Care Costs in Switzerland: Reasons and Interventions   Abstract

Kaminskyi, Andrii* with Oleksii Petrovskyi   System Dynamic Approach to Modeling Consumer Credit Activity   Abstract

Kanungo, Shivraj* with Delia Mateias   How biases play out in teams: A dynamic perspective   Abstract

Karanfil, Özge* with Hazal Can, Fatma Aydin, Elif Gokcen Bozkurt, Erkam Keskin, Egemen Sever, Ecesu Cetin, Ertac Nebioglu, Vasiliki Mole, Sibel Sakarya   A Systematic Review on Evolving Clinical Practice Guidelines for Population Screening   Abstract

Kazantsev, Nikolai*   Virtuous and Vicious Cycles: Investigating the Collaboration Processes Needed to Build Industry 4.0-Ready Supply Networks   Abstract

KHAN, ABDUR RAOOF*   Case Study of the Energy Consumption and carbon Emissions in Lucknow City based on systemic Dynamic Approach   Abstract  Link from authors

Kiessner, Phillip*   Analyzing the behavior of the complexity level of a company according to logistics cost   Abstract

Kim, Bomin* with Peiyuan Qiu   Conceptualizing Loneliness   Abstract

Kiss, Tibor*   How to develop resilience   Abstract  Link from authors

Kleemann, Max*   Journeyman Years for young modelers – a generation contract approach to secure good mentoring   Abstract

Kliem, Daniel* with Katrin Huegel, Alexander Scheidegger and Birgit Kopainsky   Validation as learning - Iterating qualitative structure and quantitative behaviour in GMB workshops   Abstract

Kliem, Daniel* with Alexander Scheidegger, Katrin Huegel and Birgit Kopainsky   Localizing the circular economy - mining the urban ressources   Abstract

Krejci, Igor* with Jan Rydval, Zuzana Musilova and Petr Musil   Investigating the dynamics of important wintering sites of waterbirds in the Czech Republic   Abstract

Kubli, Merla*   Business dynamics of flexibility aggregators: Managing prosumer participation and steering clear of being “too small to bid"   Abstract Paper

Kuhlberg, Jill* with Irene Headen, Ellis Ballard and Donald Martin   Advancing Community Engaged Approaches to Identifying Structural Drivers of Racial Bias in Health Diagnostic Algorithms   Abstract  Link from authors

Kuijer, Michel* with Arjen Ros   Entity-based asset modeling, a databased model for infrastructure   Abstract

Kuijer, Michel* with Arjen Ros   Component models as plug-in's for system dynamics models   Abstract

Kunnitharayil Viswanathan, Pradeesh Kumar*   Investigation into the Anomalous behavior of Adoption Rate in the simple SI Innovation Model   Abstract

Lane, David* with Etiënne Rouwette   Towards a Behavioural System Dynamics: Exploring its scope and delineating its promise   Abstract

Lane, David*   2020 Vision: Reflections on 'World Dynamics’ and ‘The Limits To Growth’   Abstract

Lane, David*   Understanding foodborne transmission mechanisms for Norovirus (System Dynamics Applications Award Winner)   Abstract  Link from authors

Langarudi, Saeed* with Michael Radzicki   Blessing or Burden? Another Look at the Natural Resource Curse   Abstract

Lee, Carmen Y.J.*   Dynamics of the Work Performance of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) in Bihar, India   Abstract

Leerapan, Borwornsom* with Pard Teekasap, Nipaporn Urwannachotima, Wararat Jaichuen, Kwanpracha Chiangchaisakultha, Khunjira Udomaksorn and Aronrag Cooper Meeyai   System Dynamics Modeling of Health Workforce Planning to Address Future Challenges of Thailand’s Universal Health Coverage   Abstract Paper

Lenakaki, Angeliki*   Using System Dynamics and Group Model Building to conceptualise Quality of Hospital Services   Abstract  Link from authors

Lenakaki, Angeliki* with Birgit Kopainsky   Using System Dynamics to understand Workplace Conflict   Abstract  Link from authors

Lescot, Jean-Marie* with Büsra Atamer Balkan and Francoise Vernier   Participatory system modeling for improving synergies between coastal and rural areas: the COASTAL project   Abstract  Link from authors

Li, Jian-Jing with Jian Hung Chen*   Exploring the Impact of Digital Content Policies to Public Museums - the Case of National Palace Museum in Taiwan   Abstract

Li, Tianyi*   Structural Control Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Liem, William* with Ellis Ballard   Advancing the Methods for Informing Group Model Building Subscript Design Decisions and Script Adaptations   Abstract

Lim, Tse Yang* with Erin Stringfellow, Celia Stafford, Catherine DiGennaro, Elizabeth Beaulieu, Emily Ewing, Lukas Glos, Reza Kazemi-Tabriz and Mohammad Jalali   Modeling the Opioid Crisis to Support National Policy Development   Abstract

Lopez, Jose Luis* with David Keith and Edward Anderson   System Dynamics Models to Guide Operations Management and Public Policy Research   Abstract

Loughman, Joshua*   Model Structure and Scenario Analysis Archetypes Translation – An Approach to Mixing Methods   Abstract

Lukianenko, Iryna with Mariia Nasachenko*   Conduct of the Monetary Policy during the Macroeconomic Instability   Abstract  Link from authors

Madden, Sinéad* with Alan Ryan and Patrick Walsh   A State-of-the-Art Review: Ireland, a Model State?   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard*   When Isaac met Jay: The Asimov - Forrester encounter (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract

Mallareddy, Nikhil with Chintan Vaishnav* and Soumya Braganza   Machine in the Loop: Personalizing Farm Advisory for Smallholder Farmers Using AI   Abstract

Mamkhezri, Jamal with Leonard Malczynski* and Janie Chermak   A Roadmap to Modeling Economic and Environmental Impacts of Clean Energy Policies   Abstract  Link from authors

Mani, Peter* with Markus Stoffel   Complex system behaviour of natural hazards in mountain regions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mansuri, Maryam with Morteza Mahmoudzadeh*   Modeling infrastructure dynamics of Iran ICT industry using system dynamics approach   Abstract

Marchetti, Christian* with Andreas Groessler   On parallel aggregation and disaggregation in system dynamics simulation models   Abstract

Markides, Constantinos with Erik Larsen and Shayne Gary*   Strategy Convergence Creates Opportunities for Strategic Innovators   Abstract

Marrero, Verónica with Jessica Arias-Gaviria, Santiago Arango* and Erik Larsen   Microworld for learning about the diffusion of non-conventional Renewable electricity generation technologies in Colombia   Abstract Paper

Martinez Jaramillo, Juan Esteban* with Ann van Ackere and Erik Larsen   Transitioning towards a 100% solar-hydro based generation   Abstract

Mathur, Mihir*   Starting a System Dynamics Consulting Firm: Learnings from 1000 days of consulting   Abstract  Link from authors

Matos, Joaquim*   Capital budget decision in hindsight: ILE for learning and decision making   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mauritzen, Cecilie* with Ulrich Goluke and Eduard Romanenko   Modelling the Climate System using System Dynamics   Abstract

Mazzoleni, Stefano with Francesco Giannino, Fabrizio Cartenì, Mauro Moreno*, Ludovico Fusco, Antonello Migliozzi and Corinna Rossi   A System Dynamics model of sustainable agriculture in a fringe environment. The Roman archeological setting of the Kharga Oasis   Abstract

McKelvie, Douglas* with Sarah Boyar and Donald Scott   Establishing the 'True Cost of Care' also Reveals the Benefits - Modelling Home Care in Northern Ireland   Abstract

Metcalf, Sara* with Harvey Palmer, Qiuyi Zhang and Mary Northridge   Modeling Information Processing within Social Networks: Understanding the Persistence of Contrarian Health Beliefs   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Mishra, Rajat with Sayli Shiradkar, Jayendran Venkateswaran* and Kelsey Werner   Community-based Understanding of Solar Entrepreneurship Development Dynamics in Rural India   Abstract

Monus, Paul* with David Peterson, Scott Johnson, William Ryder and Felicjan Rydzak   Creating a new Net Zero Sim to complement En-Roads as an enabler for energy transition   Abstract  Link from authors

Moon, Tae Hoon*   Projecting impact of climate change and exploring policy measures   Abstract  Link from authors

Mori, Tomohiro with Satoru Kobayakawa and Hiroki Kikuchi*   Study on Cooperative Delivery Focusing on Delivery Times of Truck Drivers in Multi-story Buildings   Abstract

Morshedi Shahrebabaki, Mohamadali* with Saeideh Fallah-Fini, Nader Naderpajouh and Woon-Weng Wong   The Impacts of Climate Change on the Dynamics of Housing Market   Abstract Paper

Moshtari, Mohammad with Paulo Goncalves* and Amin Maghsoudi   Intended and Unintended Consequences of Social Media in Humanitarian Operations   Abstract  Link from authors

Movilla Blanco, Santiago*   Statics and Dynamics of Malaria Transmission. The Relationship between Prevalence in Humans and Mosquitoes.   Abstract Paper

Movilla Blanco, Santiago*   The Malaria Community Level Model: A Decision-Making Support Tool to Formulate Effective IVM Strategies.   Abstract Paper

Moxnes, Erling*   Democracies must deal with misleading advice regarding complex problems   Abstract

Mu, Jing*   The Dynamics of Brand Strategy for Food Safety and Quality in Food Supply Chain   Abstract Paper

Mumtaz, Nabeela* with Jim Duggan   The Impact of Supply Chain Performance on Seasonal Influenza: An Exploratory Analysis   Abstract Supporting

Musango, Josephine*   A system dynamics approach to gendered energy innovations in urban poor environments   Abstract

Muthu Elandy, Kasturi* with Owen Conlan   Exploring the Behavior of Teachers and Students on the School Performance, Seen Through the Eyes of System Dynamics.   Abstract

Nagase, Yoko with TAKURO UEHARA and Wayne Wakeland*   Ecological Economic System Modelling With a Focus on Endogenous Innovation and Resilience: Preliminary Results   Abstract Paper Supporting

Naumann, Becky* with Jill Kuhlberg, Nasim Sabounchi and Kristen Hassmiller Lich   Examining Impacts of a Congestion Pricing Policy on Road Safety Outcomes in New York City   Abstract

Naumov, Sergey* with David Keith and John Sterman   Accelerating Vehicle Fleet Turnover to Achieve Climate Policy Goals   Abstract

Nicholson, Charles* with Birgit Kopainsky   Assessing the Linkages Between Agriculture and Food Security with Household- and Regional-Level Models   Abstract

Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Andreas*   Water management on a summer island   Abstract  Link from authors

Niño Giraldo, Nathalia*   Sustainability of Pance River as a Water Resource   Abstract

Novik, Alina* with Iryna Lukianenko and Olena Primierova   Small Business Taxation in Ukraine as a Factor of Labor Market Regulation   Abstract

Noyes, Will*   Development of the United States Senior Housing Industry   Abstract

Nuhoglu, Hasret* with Ulkem Yararbas and Emre Goktepe   Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Systems Thinking Course for Teachers in an M.A. Program in Learning Sciences   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Odoemena, Kelechi* with Mihir Mathur and Walker Orr   Machine Learning and Structure Representation for Crop Price Prediction   Abstract

Oliskevych, Marianna* with Valerii Kozytskyi   System Dynamic Representations of Theoretical Macroeconomic Models   Abstract

Osgood, Nathaniel*   Hybrid Dynamic Models for COVID-19 Strategic and Operational Decision Making   Abstract  Link from authors

Özgün, Onur*   Interaction of Dynamics between Two Temporal Granularity Levels: Renewables Uptake and the Power Market   Abstract

Ozkan, Gokhan* with Hilmi Ozdemir   Resilience Decision Support Modeling with System Dynamics   Abstract

Pagoni, Eirini* with Patroklos Georgiadis   Towards efficient policies for sustainable Public-Private Partnerships: Case Study of a Solid Waste Management System in Greece   Abstract

Paine, James*   Algorithmic Intervention to Mitigate Inventory and Ordering Amplification in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick*   Distrust Dynamics About Institutions in Colombia   Abstract

Pasqualino, Roberto* with Aled Jones   Reinforcing feedback loop between climate impact and agriculture emissions – A global perspective   Abstract Paper

Pedercini, Matteo* with Steven Arquitt   From Limits to the Sustainable Development Goals: integrated modeling in the era of the SDGs   Abstract Paper

Penskoi, Aleksandr*   Hardware Accelerator for System Dynamic Modeling   Abstract

Pereira, Ana Carina*   Envisioning the Sustainability Transition – understanding processes of change and introducing 'Sustainable Lifestyles Nexus'   Abstract

Pereira, Ana Carina*   Understanding the Dynamics of the Circular Economy   Abstract Paper

Perl, Ivan* with Olga Perl   Complex Approach for Modelling Complicated Systems   Abstract

Perl, Olga with Ivan Perl*   Patterning Models   Abstract

Peterson, Sara*   From Energy Resilience to Community Resilience: Exploring the Links between Infrastructure Services & Human Wellbeing   Abstract

Peterson, Sara*   A Systems Approach for a Systemic Problem: Modeling Intimate Partner Violence in South Africa   Abstract Paper

Peterson, Steve*   Understanding the drivers of youth violence in an urban community   Abstract Paper

Pigosso, Daniela* with Vinicius Picanco Rodrigues   The dynamics of rebound effects of sharing systems: an initial reflection   Abstract

Pluchinotta, Irene* with Alessandro Pagano, Tudorel Vilcan, Sangaralingam Ahilan, Leon Kapetas and Emily O’Donnell   A Participatory System Dynamics model to investigate sustainable urban water management in Ebbsfleet Garden City   Abstract

Prasad, Pooja* with Poolad Karimi, Jeremiah Kiptala, Moses Mwangi, Eyasu Yazew and Pieter van der Zaag   Adaptive investment pathway for farmer security: group modeling of sand river based social-ecological systems of Eastern Africa   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik*   System Dynamics Society Outstanding Service Award Winner   Abstract  Link from authors

Pytlak, Radostaw with Tomasz Zawadzki*   Solving optimization problems based on System Dynamics models   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Qorbani, Davood* with Stefan Groesser   Choices of households in a prosumer-driven era and their impact on the grid electricity demand   Abstract

Qorbani, Davood* with Hubert Korzilius and Imke Gommans   Testing the impact of risk attitude on the Bullwhip effect   Abstract

Rabe, Markus with Jorge Chicaiza-Vaca* and Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu   System Behavior for Automated Parcel Locker as an Urban Logistics Delivery Scheme    Abstract Paper

Rahmani, Mina* with Mahla Rashidian and Heather Arghandeh Paudler   Study of Commitment Issue Within Local Community   Abstract

Ramakrishna, Namrata* with Steve Peterson   How might a rural hospital adapt to prevent closure? (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract

Randers, Jorgen* with Ulrich Goluke   The relatively simple MODCAP model of US economic development 1980-2020.   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Randers, Jorgen*   Looking to the Future with 2020 Hindsight: Was the Limits to Growth Right?   Abstract Paper

Resende Haddad, Carolina* with Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Tainara Volan and Caroline Rodrigues Vaz   The Electric Vehicle diffusion in Sweden: will the country achieve a fleet independent of fossil-fuels by 2030?   Abstract

Richardson, George*   Introducing: New Online Collection of Forrester’s Work in Social Dynamics   Abstract  Link from authors

Richardson, George*   Can Systems Thinking be an Antidote to Extensive Evil?   Abstract  Link from authors

Rieder, Erica* with Lincoln Larson   Using Participatory Modeling to Help Wild Tigers: Informing Policies Regarding Tiger Farming and Trade   Abstract

Rodriguez, Luz-Angélica with Enrique Escalante* and Omar Andrés Parra Urrego   Attraction-Repulsion Function for Modeling Bicycle Use in Bogotá   Abstract

Rojcheewin, Sorrawit* with Pongpat Wananukul, Adithep Suttawas, Gunkawee Sriyudthasak, Phanuwich Kaewkamjonchai, Peeraya Piancharoen, Kornkanok Saringkarisate, Piyawan Limpanyalert and Borwornsom Leerapan   Understanding Public Trust in Healthcare Services and Doctor-Patient Relationship in the Contexts of Medical Errors   Abstract

Romanenko, Eduard*   Potential Diffusion Trajectories of Low Impact Development (LID) solutions for Urban Storm Water Management in Built-Up Areas   Abstract Paper

Rooney-Varga, Juliette* with Florian Kapmeier and Andrew Jones   Getting to Impact at Scale: Diffusion of Educational Innovations Through Community-Based Propagation   Abstract  Link from authors

Ros, Arjen* with Egbert Roos   Integral policy making for sustainable mobility   Abstract

Rua-Gomez, Carla with Jessica Arias-Gaviria*   Why so few? The gender representation gap in academic STEM fields   Abstract Paper

Ruston, Richard*   Volunteer Technicians at Den Akedemiske Kvartertet   Abstract

Ryzhenkov, Alexander*   Socially Efficient Stabilization of Industrial Cycles via Organic Profit-sharing and its Crucial Tension   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sabounchi, Nasim*, David Lounsbury, Terry Huang, Priscila Zito and Pulwasha Iftikhar   Application of Group Model Building in Implementation Science: A Systematic Review of the Public Health & Healthcare Literature   Abstract

Sabounchi, Nasim* with Terry Huang, David Lounsbury, Weanne Estrada and Emily Ferris   The Intersection of Implementation Science and Systems Science: A GMB Pilot Study for Effective Uptake of EBPs   Abstract

Salvay, Jenna*   How Exogenous Stressors Lead to Coral-Algal Phase Shifts   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sarmiento, Sarah*   Difficulty accessing health care services in Colombia.   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Sassine, Jad* with Hazhir Rahmandad   How network structure impacts socially reinforced diffusion?   Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser*   Guiding novices with abstract rules – the case of variables recognition   Abstract

Schoenberg, William*   Automated Diagram Generation to Build Understanding and Usability   Abstract

Schoenberg, William*   Inferring Causality in Feedback Systems by Combining Neural Nets and Ordinary Differential Equations   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, William* with Robert Eberlein   Seamlessly Integrating Loops That Matter into Model Development and Analysis   Abstract

Schoenenberger, Lukas* with Alexander Schmid, Radu Tanase, Mathias Beck, Andrea Schenker-Wicki and Markus Schwaninger   Structural Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Scolozzi, Rocco*   Push the iceberg – a systems and futures-oriented facilitation script for participatory strategic foresight   Abstract

Selya, Arielle* with Floe Foxon   Trends in Electronic Cigarette Use and Conventional Smoking: Quantifying a Possible 'Diversion' Effect among U.S. Adolescents   Abstract

Senturk, Feyyaz* with Yaman Barlas and Hakan Yasarcan   Modeling The Pharmacodynamics of rHuEPO, a Blood Doping Drug (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sepulveda Estay, Daniel with Gokul Pankaj*   Review of the application of System Dynamics to problems in food supply chains   Abstract

Shaman, Jeffrey*   Modeling the Transmission Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 and the Effects of Intervention Timing on COVID-19 Incidence   Abstract

Shamsuddoha, Mohammad* with Tasnuba Nasir   Sustainable Supply Chain Practices: A Case Study on A Large Livestock Farm Operations   Abstract  Link from authors

Sharma, Kabir* with Mihir Mathur, Ankila Hiremath, Abi Vanak, Nirav Mehta, Madhura Niphadkar, Ramya Ravi and Ovee Thorat   Building Insights in a Complex Social-Ecological System: A Case from the Banni Grasslands in India   Abstract  Link from authors

Sharma, Sudesh* with David Lounsbury, Anna Matheson, Danielle Lambrick, James Faulkner, Abhinav Vaidya and Rachel Page   The role of tobacco and alcohol use in the interaction of social determinants of non-communicable diseases in Nepal   Abstract

Shupp, Laura* with Osamah A. Almuayyad   A System Dynamics Model for Higher Education Technology Transfer Analysis   Abstract

Simpson, Allison* with Carmen Stayton, Ellis Ballard, Sarah Tolch, Sherita Love and Saras Chung   Systems Thinking for Education Equity Partnership (STEEP): Building a Community of Practice of K-12 Educators in St. Louis, MO   Abstract Paper

Singh, Raman with Maninder Singh, Sheetal Garg, Ivan Perl*, Aleksandr Penskoi and Olga Perl   Optimum Virtual Machine Selection in Cloud Data Centre using MCDM: A Work-in-Progress Report   Abstract

Sinha, Abhishek Kumar* with Om Damani, Shreya Agarwal, Sandeep Chougule and Pradip Kalbar   Assessing Self-Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Systems: Free Household Connections vs Free Solar Pumps   Abstract

Smith, Raymond*   Coastal community adaptation planning to sea level rise   Abstract

Sobanke, Victor*   Manpower Utilisation and Innovation Capability in the Food and Beverage Industry in Southwestern Nigeria   Abstract  Link from authors

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini* with Sumaya Nassiep   Employment in Automotive Parts with Electric Vehicle Market Penetration in South Africa   Abstract Paper

Sorasalmi, Tomi with Jaakko Lähteenmäki and Peter Ylen*   A System Dynamics Model of Data-Driven Precision Medicine Ecosystem   Abstract

Sousa, Jorge*   Impact of the relational motive to co-create value on service quality   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sovilj, Siniša* with Darko Etinger, Zlatko Sirotić and Krešimir Pripužić   System Dynamics Modelling with Kotlin: From Hierarchical Models to Interactive Simulators   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Spano, Miriam* with Hubert Korzilius   Strategic Workforce Planning: How do companies implement and operate system dynamics models?   Abstract

Squires, Amy* with Robert Brown   In Pursuit of Evidence-Based Policy: The Adoption of Causal Modeling Approaches   Abstract

Stayton, Carmen* with Sarah Tolch and Valentina Mihaela Ghinea   Barry Richmond Scholarship Award Winners   Abstract  Link from authors

Struik, Mieke*   Balancing the police workforce, it's not all about the money   Abstract

Suprun, Emiliya with Andrijana Horvat* and David Andersen   Making Each Other Smarter: Assessing Success Factors of Online Peer Mentoring Groups as Support for Learning System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Sverdrup, Harald Ulrik with Anna Olafsdottir* and Deniz Koca   How large is the global population when limited by long term sustainable global metal-, energy- and phosphate supply?   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Tadesse, Aklilu Tilahun*   Scaffolding feedback in complex dynamic system context: Effect of online interactive learning environments   Abstract Paper

Taha, Haitham* with Carl Smith and Danielle Currie   The Drivers of Brucellosis Transmission in Jordan   Abstract

Taheri, Saeed* with Fahimeh Allahi, Ramez Kian, Ehsan Sabet and Sander de Leeuw   The impact of Cash-Based Interventions on the dignity enhancement in persistent humanitarian refugee crises   Abstract Paper Supporting

Tasrif, Muhammad*   Political System and Culture: The Critical Determinant of Technology, Innovation, and Economic Growth   Abstract

Tatar, Moosa* with Susana Keeshin, Mark Mailliard and Fernando A Wilson   Modeling Hepatitis C for Targeted Screening and Cost-Effectiveness in the US   Abstract

Taylor, Ivan* with Ali Sheikh   An Exploratory System Dynamics Model of the Refugee Crisis in Northern Africa   Abstract  Link from authors

Tellioglu, Nefel* with Yaman Barlas   Automated Discovery of Polarity from Data in System Dynamics Context   Abstract Paper

Terning, Gaute* with Eric Brun   Systemic Conceptual Modeling of Patient Flow in a Hospital Emergency Department: A case example   Abstract Paper

Tomomewo, Olusegun Stanley* with Moones Alamooti, Scott Johnson, Michael Mann and William gosnold   Modeling and Simulating the Effect of Well Quality on Oil Production and Profitability using System Dynamics Model   Abstract

Tonini, Francesco* with Adedoyin Adebodun Adeleke, Francesco Davide Sanvito, Emanuela Colombo, Marta Grimoldi and Fabrizio Colombelli   Towards improving sustainable access to electricity in rural areas of Tanzania: learning from the past preparing for the future   Abstract  Link from authors

Torres, Juan Pablo* with Andres Musalem and Alejandro HIrmas   Eyes On the Game: Eye-tracking Analysis of the Beer Game   Abstract

Tran, Dung Nguyen Thuy*   Effect of Income Dynamics on Beef Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission in China   Abstract

Tsolakis, Naoum* with Jagjit Singh Srai and Nitin Joglekar   Reconfiguring Food Supply Systems through Farmer Producer Organisations and Digital Platforms   Abstract

Ullah, Muhammad Aman* with Tiru Arthanari and Anson Li   Understanding & Modelling Corruption: Exploiting System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Upegui, Laura* with Carlos A. Upegui and Blanca H. Zapata   Switching to Other Currents: Empowering Medellin’s Sustainable Energy Cluster through System Dynamics Tools   Abstract

Urban, Marcia* with Mirko Hornung   Analysis of low-cost carrier operations in long-haul air transport markets   Abstract Paper

Utterback, James*   The Dynamics of Competition and of the Diffusion of Innovation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Vaishnav, Chintan* with Vijay Chandru   No Dieses Orphan: Technology, Economics, and Policy for Providing Equitable Health Amidst Extreme Inequity   Abstract

Valencia, Rodrigo* with Sabine Egerer and Maria Manez   A Group Model Building approach for climate change adaptation of agricultural systems in Northeast Lower Saxony   Abstract

Van Der Linden, Erika*   Modelling Paradigms of Metal Markets as Deep Uncertainty: Application to the Cobalt Market   Abstract

van Zyl, Amore* with Johannes Jooste   Establishing the feasibility of alleviating water shortages in Cape Town using decentralised wastewater treatment plants   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Veldhuis, Guido* with Sebastiaan Deuten   Developing systemic Public Policy Theory for Multi-problem Households   Abstract Paper

Vermeulen, Estee* with Jai Clifford-Holmes, Teun Sluijs, Ursula Scharler and Amanda Lombard   The Algoa Bay Marine Planning Tool: An Exploratory System Dynamics Model to Support Marine Planning and Management   Abstract Paper

Vogel, Mia* with Braveheart Gillani, Jose Pineda Soto, Enola Proctor, David V. Habif and Peter Hovmand   Assessing Intensive Care Unit Context for Implementing Evidence-Based Guidelines for Pediatric Severe Traumatic Brain Injury   Abstract  Link from authors

Volken, Sandra* with Patrick Bottazzi   Horticultural production in the Niayes area, Senegal: A System dynamics analysis of the agriculture-water-labor nexus   Abstract  Link from authors

Voyer, John*   Emergency Medical Services in Maine: Rural Vs Urban Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wakeland, Wayne* with Jack Homer   Addressing parameter uncertainty in SD models with fit-to-history and Monte-Carlo sensitivity methods   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wallis, Lyle* with Mark Paich   Artificial Intelligence and Simulation   Abstract Paper

Wang, Linlin with Enzo Bivona, Haiyan Yan* and Jiayin Qi   Is “Paired Assistance Policy” reconstruction mode of collaborative governance better than traditional mode?   Abstract Paper

Watz, Matilda* with Henrik Ny and Sophie I. Hallstedt   Using group model building to support strategic sustainable development   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Wejwithan, Amphai* with Hermann Knoflacher, Helga Kromp-Kolb and Tanawa Sintunawa   Paradigm shift for sustainable transport in tourist destination in Thailand   Abstract

Werner, Kelsey* with Thomas Crea and Gregory St. Arnold   Enhancing Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Kakuma Refugee Camp   Abstract

Wheat, David* with Alina Novik and Marianna Oliskevych   MacroLab20: A Framework for Comparative Macroeconomics   Abstract

White, Ann Marie* with Jill Kuhlberg, Becky Naumann and Kristen Hassmiller Lich   Surfacing System Perspectives to Guide Action and Improve Collaboration in Comprehensive Community-based Suicide Prevention   Abstract Paper

Wieck, Gian* with Kaveh Dianati, Alec Eckert and Steven Arquitt   Searching for System Leverage: Group Model Building for a Shared Understanding of Adequate Housing in Kenya   Abstract Paper

Wilkerson, Brooke*   Green-blue infrastructure implementation in urban areas: tradeoffs, synergies, and co-benefits   Abstract

Woywadt, Michael with Holger Krischen and Bo Hu*   Market Sizing of High-Rise Elevators   Abstract

Xiang, Min* with Kave Jangi and David Wheat   System Dynamics Applied on Marketing to Push Nokia Back to the Best-Selling Mobile Phone Brand in 2030   Abstract

Xiang, Min*   304 Design Company Case Analysis   Abstract

Yamaguchi, Yokei* with Kaoru Yamaguchi   Modeling Cross-Border Payments and Foreign Exchange Dynamics – Correspondent Accounts Framework   Abstract

Yamashita, Takayuki*   Dam of Population and Internal Migration   Abstract

Yan, Haiyan with Lingyun Zhan*, Haonan Qu, Bo Xu and ANQI ZHANG   A System Dynamics Modeling and Policy Analysis for the Development of Science Parks in Shanghai   Abstract

Yararbas, Ulkem* with Emre Goktepe   World Climate Game for Primary School   Abstract  Link from authors

Yararbas, Ulkem* with Emre Goktepe   How Sweet is Sugar?   Abstract  Link from authors

YASUDA, Kenji* with Yutaka Takahashi, Hideyuki Takahashi, Jun Miyoshi, Ryuzo Takahashi and Jun Eguchi   Possibility of installing LED fishing lights in the squid-jigging fishery in Japan   Abstract

Zapata Riveros, Juliana with Matthias Speich*, Mirjam West and Silvia Ulli-Beer   Assessing prospects: electrification-based business model and deep uncertainty using scenario definition & sensitivity analysis   Abstract Paper

Zeijlemaker, Sander*   Insider Threat Dynamics: the dangerous triangle of pressure, rationalization and opportunity (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Zeijlemaker, Sander* with Michael von Kutzschenbach   Cybersecurity Dynamics in Software Development Environment: What system traps do exist?   Abstract Supporting

Zhao, Jidi* with Ying Qian, Jianguo Jia and Yu-yang Cai   Was It Safe for Work Resumption during the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai, China: An SD Modeling Study   Abstract

Zhao, Wang* with David Lara Arango   A Python-Based Method to Build and Simulate System Dynamics Models   Abstract

Zhao, Wang* with Susan Howick and John Quigley   Is Observed Data Adequate to Automate the Construction of Causal Models?   Abstract Paper

Zhou, Koko* with Nici Zimmermann   Using Decision-making Scripts in Group Model Building Workshops   Abstract Paper

Zimmermann, Nici* with Irene Pluchinotta   Supporting interdisciplinary research projects via system dynamics boundary objects: An application to urban water management   Abstract Paper

Zimmermann, Nici* with Katherine Curran   The dynamics of transdisciplinarity: How does a group modelling workshop generate joint understanding and cognition   Abstract Paper


Armenia, Stefano* with Federico Barnabè, Rocco Scolozzi, Natalia Ciobanu and Georgios Tsaples   SUSTAIN: an SD-based boardgame for urban sustainability   Abstract

Ballard, Ellis* with Allison Simpson, Kelsey Werner, Jill Kuhlberg, William Liem and Sarah Pritchard   Adapting group model building scripts for use in diverse community contexts   Abstract  Link from authors

Bean, Michael*   Publish Your Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter   Abstract

Bean, Michael*   Move your in-person simulation workshop to online delivery   Abstract  Link from authors

Bean, Michael*   Techniques for Creating a Popular Online Simulation   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim* with Robert Eberlein, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Getting Started with Stella   Abstract  Link from authors

Eberlein, Robert* with Karim Chichakly, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Optimization and Calibration with Stella   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas*   Getting Started with Ventity   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas*   Model Analysis with Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana*   Building System Dynamics Models From the News   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana*   Teaching Students to Create Original Models in a Ten-Week Course   Abstract  Link from authors

Gambardella, Pascal* with David Lounsbury   Modeling Psycho-Social Dynamics   Abstract  Link from authors

Hayden, Nancy* with Bernard Amadei, Hajo Eicken and Asmeret Naugle   Engaging Stakeholders: Peace Engineering in the Arctic   Abstract  Link from authors

Hayward, John*   Introduction to the Loop Impact Method of Feedback Dominance Analysis   Abstract  Link from authors

Kapmeier, Florian   Climate Action Simulation and En-ROADS Training   Abstract  Link from authors

Kuijer, Michel* with Arjen Ros   Practitioner's Approach for Model Ownership   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard*   Feedback Rich Model Construction with Powersim Studio   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard*   Starting from scratch: Better model construction   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio*   SDM-Doc: The System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool   Abstract  Link from authors

Mohr, Jeff*   Building Interactive System Maps with Kumu   Abstract  Link from authors

Schoenberg, William* with Robert Eberlein, Karim Chichakly and Sarah Davie   Building and Sharing Online Simulations Using Stella   Abstract  Link from authors

Schoenberg, William* with Robert Eberlein, Karim Chichakly and Sarah Davie   Automated Loop Dominance Analysis in Stella using Loops That Matter   Abstract  Link from authors

van den Broek, Karlijn*   Mapping stakeholder’s mental models of complex systems with M-Tool   Abstract  Link from authors

Warren, Kim* with Christina Spencer and Christopher Spencer   Getting started with SD - the Agile path   Abstract  Link from authors

Wheat, David* with Alina Novik and Marianna Oliskevych   Start Macro Modeling with a MacroLab20 Template   Abstract

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