Abstract for: Using participative model building for considering behavior patterns of SMEs in Yazd Science and Technology Park

In Iran the SMEs knowledge base tenants, in the development and shaping stage, face with lots of problems. Before maturity and stability, they fail. Nearly a decade passed, since science and technology parks formation happened. They were seen as a mechanism for sustainable economic development based on knowledge; through creation, support and guidance of founded tenants. Officials and policy makers, seriously concern about sustainable success, development and growth of these tenants which must be appropriate for needs of Iran. Identify the behavioral patterns of the stages of life (birth, growth, decline, etc.) which lead to inefficiency and decline, is essential. This helps to avoid mistake repetition and eventually reduces costs. This paper, by using participative model building approach tries to extract prevailed patterns which govern the behavior of established tenants based in Science and Technology Park of Yazd. This paper attempts to Introduce positive leverage points for policy makers and senior managers who are responsible and also tenants which are located in the Park.