Abstract for: Insights gained from a reanalysis of five model-facilitated change processes in healthcare based on action research approaches

Healthcare is a complex system with multi-professional staff and multiple patient care pathways. Time pressure and minimal margins for error makes it challenging to implement new policies or procedures, no matter how desirable. Changes in healthcare also requires the participation of the staff. This project analyses five projects in healthcare, with the purpose to conduct development and improvement work supported by SD simulations embedded in an action research setting, using multiple case methodology. The purpose is to identify general patterns that moved the processes forward and to understand how this assisted in identifying suitable solutions to posed problems for different scenarios. This multi-case study builds on results from a single case study in healthcare recently accepted for publication. There is a substantial amount of case notes, meeting notes, memoranda, emails, model iterations and case descriptions for each case. These will be structurally summarized and tabulated into displays to form a basis for (re)analysis and allow for the discovering of patterns. The reanalysis is being made iteratively by researchers from several disciplines, all providing different and complementing perspectives. We believe that this multi-case reanalysis will identify key factors which may lead to higher implementation rates in change processes in healthcare.