Abstract for: Transitioning towards a 100% solar-hydro based generation

Electricity systems across the globe are facing the challenge of transitioning towards low-carbon electricity generation. A high share of RES in the electricity mix reduces flexibility and security of supply making it challenging to balance the market at all times. Energy storage facilitates matching the seasonal and daily patterns of demand and supply. Combining renewables with storage is one way to address this challenge. The aim of this paper is to explore different pathways for a transition towards 100% green generation. We develop a stylized simulation model of an electricity system which consists of a technology that is being phasing-out (e.g., nuclear), an intermittent technology (PV) and base load generation (e.g., run-of-river), with an energy storage technology (pump hydro-storage). Our preliminary findings suggests that in the long run subsidizing PV generation indirectly encourages pumped hydro storage.