Abstract for: Balancing the police workforce, it's not all about the money

The Netherlands Aliens Police (AVIM), which is part of the National Police, is responsible for the identification and registration of asylum seekers. Additionally, AVIM verifies that these newcomers pose no threat on the national security or national safety in the Netherlands. The efforts of AVIM to make the identification and registration process (I&R) of migrants better, more flexible and more sustainable has grown in recent years leading to staffing shortages. In this study, a System Dynamics model was made of the formation of AVIM Netherlands that is used for the I&R process. With this model, a forecast is made of the AVIM formation in the coming years. A number of scenarios are simulated and the consequences thereof for AVIM are explained. Results show that the allocation dynamics of funding are important for choices in education and employability. Current personnel planning is inadequate to resolve long term understaffing and retirement issues. The results of this study were used for policy choices with regard to the recruitment of new AVIM staff.