Abstract for: Creating a new Net Zero Sim to complement En-Roads as an enabler for energy transition

The Energy Transition toward low carbon and carbon-free energy sources is underway, and many companies are declaring 'Net Zero' aspirations. These are similar to the 'moonshot goal' in 1962 where JFK declared a breakthrough goal without clarity on how it would be accomplished. From 1962 to 1969 the nation came together in support of this goal and it was achieved. Nothing less than this is required now as the world faces the challenges of climate change, and there isn't any clear 'path to 2050' yet visible about how current infrastructures and mental models built up around hydrocarbons as the dominant energy supply will evolve. En-Roads offers insight into options for achieving the Paris goals of 2C but does not address how individual companies can adjust operations - a new "Net Zero Sim" would compliment En-Roads by tying business KPIs such as profitability, operating costs, and capital investment to actions in support of reducing CO2 emissions.