Abstract for: The Intersection of Implementation Science and Systems Science: A GMB Pilot Study for Effective Uptake of EBPs

In this work-in-progress paper, we report on the HEALing Communities Study New York that is a coordinated multi-system, multi-sector public health response to the opioid epidemic which is adaptable to the unique needs of the 16 participating counties in the state of New York, and is driven by robust community engagement and real-time learning based on data science and systems science. County leadership will work with a community coalition of key stakeholders to customize and calibrate the intervention components of HEALing Communities. New York State (NYS) ranks second in the nation in absolute numbers of opioid overdose deaths. The goal of the HEALing Communities Study New York is to obtain systems change that involves enhanced systems thinking skills, new systems actions, strategy adaptation, funding flows, improved political climate and community readiness through continuous learning process as outlined in Figure S1. The process begins from the GMB workshops at each county to set the common agenda for the purpose of community action planning. These are concepts that are adopted from the collective Impact literature .