Abstract for: Paradigm shift for sustainable transport in tourist destination in Thailand

This main idea is a showcase in urban tourism by promoting responsible mobility in a new emerging tourism destination in Thailand namely Koh Pha-ngan (Pha-ngan island). Koh Pha-Ngan is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand, in Suratthani province. As like other tourism destinations in Thailand, motorized oriented mode of transport has dominated tourism mobility to respond to mass tourism growth. Pha-ngan island’s topography is very supportive of climate-friendly and environmentally friendly transport modes for both daily use and tourism activities. System thinking and system dynamics will be used to asses possible policy options for climate-friendly tourism in this destination. Scenarios are assessed on three main ideas 1) Business as Usual (BAU) by letting tourists arriving in areas without control 2) Regulating the number of tourists arriving in area 3) Changing behavior by increasing the alternative transport that can reflect of CO2 reduction. These scenarios will be recommended regarding implementation options to create a better atmosphere for emerging climate-friendly, low carbon urban tourism.