Abstract for: The rooftop-solar spiral of growth: a cross-country extent, speed and implication analysis

Electricity markets are changing toward increases in renewable sources. This technology transformation, as any other, brings opportunities and challenges to the industry. In electricity, the technology transformation is a complex process that impacts different stakeholders in many dimensions. Using simulation modelling, this paper investigates the extent and the speed of technology transformation as well as how this affects the different stakeholders involved in terms of prices and services. The objective of this paper is assessing, through simulations, the impact of rooftop-solar diffusion in different cases. The analysis includes a comparison of how the technology transformation evolves in the electricity sector and its effect for stakeholders in the United Kingdom (UK), Colombia and Brazil, three countries differentiated by their current development conditions and potential for renewables-based electricity generation. Results indicate that despite geographical, economic and regulatory differences in analysed countries, adoption rates and implications are similar in the mid to long term.