Abstract for: Sustainable Supply Chain Practices: A Case Study on A Large Livestock Farm Operations

Sustainable supply chain practices are the emergent concern for every realistic and modern industry in the world. This research is an attempt to find the actual sustainability practices in the specific large farms and its supply chain operations through system dynamic modeling. It focuses on what is the current sustainability supply chain practices in the case industry. It will also attempt to find out the indicators missing in practicing sustainability with maximum utilization of resources and put recommendations on improving practices. A noteworthy research gap exists in the implementation of sustainability practices in comparison to the original theory. Supply chain model will be developed using Vensim simulation tools. The model will add the main variable of economic, social and environmental impacts through waste management. This approach has the potential of creating new windows of creating small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that will contribute towards society, economy, and environment. System Dynamic methodology will be used to draw a supply chain process model along with economic, social and environmental impacts. The objectives of this research are to determine optimum productions level based on demand volatility, considering environmental impact, social contributions, and economic gains.