Abstract for: Building and Sharing Online Simulations Using Stella

Stella enables the creation and web-based deployment of model interfaces. This workshop will take participants through that process demonstrating both the mechanics of the software use and the principles behind effective interface development. There are no prerequisites for this workshop, but those who have not used Stella Professional may find it helpful to combine this session with the Getting Started session. Conceptually, the interface development process is significantly different from the model development process with the emphasis on packaging rather than developing model based insights. Mechanically, however, there is substantial overlap with many of the same components, such as graphs and tables, shared between both model and interface development. During the workshop participants will develop an interface for an existing model including an animated data visualization. IMPORTANT **AHEAD OF THE WORKSHOP** - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE STELLA 2.0 USE THE Additional Materials BUTTON (click on the paper title if you don't see the button) TO GET A WORKSHOP VERSION OF STELLA ARCHITECT (bottom of the page) AND INSTALL IT. USE SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS TO GET MODELS FOR THE SESSION!