Abstract for: Organization Ambidexterity for Public Industrial Research Institutes

Industrial research institutes are important to industrial development in many countries. In accordance with the industry developing progress, these institutes have to adjust their strategy according to the changing environment. How to balance from the requirements for long-term and short-term growth is a seemingly conflicting but yet essential issue. The exploration and exploitation concepts in the organizational ambidexterity theory provide a foundation for dealing with this issue. A research institute could generate higher impacts to all stakeholders in various levels of innovation systems if it can become an ambidextrous organization so as to effectively mobilize, reintegrate organizational assets and satisfy both the demand for exploration and exploitation. This study summarized uses the biggest public industrial research institute: ITRI as a case to explore how a research institute can achieve organizational ambidexterity and fulfill the expectations from various stakeholders. The results are expected to contribute to the organizational ambidexterity theory, as well as the strategy and management of industrial research institutes.