Abstract for: Introduction to the Loop Impact Method of Feedback Dominance Analysis

NOTE Maximum capacity: 20. A central premise of system dynamics is that dynamical behaviour can be explained by model structure, especially its feedback loops. For example, the familiar S-shaped growth of the limits-to-growth archetype is explained using shifting loop dominance. Although such an explanation appears clear, what is less clear is how a loop is quantified, how dominance is defined, and what aspect of dynamical behaviour is being explained. These issues become more pronounced as the number of variables and feedback loops increases. This workshop will introduce participants to the Loop Impact Method of feedback dominance analysis. In the first session, participants will explore a number of models using the method’s definitions of behaviour, structure and dominance, and compare them with their own understanding of the model’s behaviour and structure. Models will be accessed using the isee exchange web platform. In the second session, participants will learn how to implement the Loop Impact method by adapting standard models in Stella Architect. A variety of models will be available to accommodate participants’ expertise. Participants should bring their own laptop. A conference edition of Stella will be provided.