Abstract for: Registered Nurse Shortage in New Mexico: System Dynamics Modeling as an Innovative Approach to Strengthening the Workforce

Critical shortages of registered nurses (RNs) throughout New Mexico (NM), U.S.A. are accelerating in spite of a significant net increase in the number of practicing RNs since 2012. The increases have failed to meet employer needs. A general population-based metric for RN adequacy has been ineffective particularly in rural NM. RNs work in numerous diverse settings such as hospitals, ambulatory and home care, long-term care, schools, public health, academia, etc. We argue, especially in large rural states, significant diversity in type and location of RN employers, work patterns, migrations in and out of communities for care, are just a few of the complex intersecting variables that affect adequacy for quality healthcare systems. State and industry leaders initiated a sector strategy, engaging employers in regional solutions to this crisis, in 2019. System Dynamics modeling strategies build upon state initiatives, focusing on informed industry driven and community-based strategies to solve this crisis. Our resources include data, collaborations, partnerships, and a local expert System Dynamicist for ongoing support for SD skill development. We have begun early conceptualization of SD strategy, and seek input in approaches to developing our model.