Abstract for: Using System Dynamics modelling to frame environmental voluntary commitment programs: the French experience

This study stems from a research project aimed at investigating the factors facilitating and hampering the success of the EVE (Engagements Volontaires pour l’Environnement) program recently launched in France. Similarly to other countries, in which successfully environmental voluntary commitment programs are currently in place (SmartWay in the USA), EVE program aspires to improve transport operators efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment. However, the multiple relationships between public and private actors involved in the program (ranging from the program coordinator to transport organisations), the complexity of transport and logistics sector (including the differences among the transport operators sub-groups) may prevent the achievement of the desired project outcomes. With the aim to support the EVE program coordinator to design and assess effective policies to pursue the expected goals, a System Dynamics (SD) model will be used. As the research project is in the early stage, the paper outlines the research path, main feedback loops and a preliminary stock-and-flow structure to be used in group-model building sessions with project’ participants.