Abstract for: System dynamics gamification: Lessons learned from the PERCEIVE Simulation Lab development

Gamification in research practices and applications is gaining ground and system dynamics is no exception. System dynamics has a robust tradition of gamification, starting from its early days. However, capitalising on the lessons learned from previous experiences is challenging for practitioners. A literature overview shows that the repertoire of concepts regarding simulators used by system dynamicists is highly inconsistent. Although few researchers indicate warnings and challenges about system dynamics gamification, a lack of comprehensive operational guidelines is evident. In this regard, we describe the construction of a web-based simulator, the PERCEIVE Simulation Lab, and report how the lack of literature support affected the outcome of this endeavour. We then propose an embryonal broad collection of definitions for assisting researchers in framing the system dynamics gamification attempts and filling the literature gap. Finally, we reflect on the future of system dynamics gamification: Why is gamification important for advancing the system dynamics discipline? Which are the necessary research efforts for complementing each other? Which actions should be taken to render the literature more useful for practitioners? How could the system dynamics community support this effort? Overall, we anticipate the evolution of gamification similar to the maturation of group model building.