Abstract for: Systemic Modeling of a large Fertilizer manufacturing Platform: a Proof of Concept model and a step toward industrial symbiosis

OCP's supply chain is a complex system. It consists of many stages and uses many input materials, either mined (e.g. phosphates), bought from external suppliers (e.g. sulfur), or produced as intermediate products (e.g. acids). This paper presents a modeling work done at Jorf Lasfar plateform. Despite the differences in technologies and processes used in each one of its units, the proximity of the ten factories allows some synergies between them, and the exchange of resources, intermediate and final products, water and energy is a very common practice within. However this makes this interconnected system a quite complex one and makes the decision making process, especially in the context of unintended events, very hard, if not possible for a human brain. The use of a system thinking approach is an opportunity to explore the supply chain.