Abstract for: Lou - Bullying in Schools

Half of students aged 13 to 15 worldwide (around 150 million) report having experienced bullying in and around school, according to UNICEF. In a recent circular published by Ministry of Education about school security, it is advised to take measures to avoid bullying in schools. Kindergarten is an effective place to start developing social and emotional behaviors of children to end violence in and around schools. We want to share our experiences in poster format about the activities we developed around a computer-animated short film called Lou. By using bullying level of JJ, the main character of the film, a Behavior Over Time Graph is drawn with the students. Than the underlying structure of this behavior is analyzed by stock-flow and causal loop diagrams. Ladders of inference are used to discuss the underlying mental model before and after JJ's decision to change his behavior. As transfer of learning, students prepare ladders of inference of a personal experiences and discuss about them.These activities helped students building awareness about negative behaviors (like hitting, pushing, seizing a friend's toy)