Abstract for: Attraction-Repulsion Function for Modeling Bicycle Use in Bogotá

Bogotá DC is recognized as the Latin American city with the largest number of bicycle trips, above over the capitals of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, or Peru, this project seeks to model the bicycle attractiveness that motivate and demotivate citizens of a specific sector of the city of Bogotá DC to use the bicycle as a means of transportation. The factors influencing the decision were determined through the application of a survey with a sample of 165 persons. The users pointed out like the most important factors safety, environmental conditions, time saving, as well as health and personal care. A function that models the attraction or repulsion inspired in the swarm behavior was studied and implemented over the mentioned factors in a systems dynamics model centered on users. The model is able to reproduce the user’s response to each of the factors and the effects of each factor contribution in a complete simulation