Abstract for: Review of the application of System Dynamics to problems in food supply chains

With an increasing population in a world with limited resources, maximisation offood production has become a key metric for industries across the globe. How-ever, distribution problems have led food wastage also increasing as an unex-pected and undesirable consequence of this search for food production efficiency.Growing fears of food safety have called for the need for application of innovativeconcepts that consider the systems where these issues arise, for effective manage-ment of Food Supply Chains. In order to understand and manage this problembeyond traditional optimization techniques, this paper aims to understand theapplication of System Dynamics (SD) as a tool for the management of Food Sup-ply Chains (FSC). By using a structured literature review (SLR) this paper gath-ers extant scientific literature in order to describe the use of System Dynamics(SD) as a problem-solving tool beyond its traditional use as a simulation toolin FSC Management. This research provides evidence for the current use of SDin FSC for testing strategic decisions, operational problems and various what-ifscenario analysis, beyond traditional FSC problems such as Bullwhip effect, In-ventory and Process Control. Additionally, this work and argues for avenues offuture research for the use of SD in FSCs.