Abstract for: System Dynamics Modelling with Kotlin: From Hierarchical Models to Interactive Simulators

System dynamics (SD) modelling is traditionally done by graphically using mostly proprietary software or with couple of open and free software exceptions. Building large hierarchical models with reusable SD modules is not supported well and building fast and customizable simulators for interactive learning on multiple target platforms is not trivial. There are couple of framework/toolkit solutions that fulfill that gap using general-purpose languages (Java, Python, JavaScript) but they have their own limitations. We asked whether Kotlin, as a new, modern, statically-typed, object-oriented and functional language can do any better. Therefore, we started to develop Kotlin SD Toolkit which does not exist so far at our best knowledge. We found that Kotlin as a new, language and our Kotlin SD Toolkit as a new tool are both suitable for modelling larger, hierarchical SD models (supporting modules) and for easier development of interactive simulators for multiple target platforms: desktop, web or mobile. For now Kotlin SD Toolkit on our computer needs 7 seconds to numerically integrate simple testing SD model with 1E7 time steps and can be additionally improved. We will continue to further expand capabilities of the Kotlin SD Toolkit as an open source project and our contribution to SD community.