Abstract for: Resilience Decision Support Modeling with System Dynamics

The importance of resilience measurement and the necessity to support policymakers with a measurement mechanism have been focused on both researches and applications. A need to apply a holistic approach considering the measurement of different resilience parameters interactively and concurrently has been identified. In parallel to the rise of the popularity of resilience, we have initiated this study intending to check whether the resilience capacity of an entity can be evaluated dynamically. The results of the developing model are expected to represent the resilience capacity of an entity in complex environmental conditions. Moreover, the outputs of the model are expected to substantially comply with the existing literature. One of the main strengths of the model will be its almost infinite capacity to create various scenarios and make what-if analysis. The user interfaces (input and output dashboards) of the model will help the decision-makers easily make tunes on the values of selected endogenous parameters, see and compare the time-based results. The model will be validated by the series of the users’ workshops.