Abstract for: A System Dynamics Modeling and Policy Analysis for the Development of Science Parks in Shanghai

Science parks are one of the important means to realize economic structure transformation (Yang,2017). The success of science parks has motivated countries around the globe to foster the clustering of the high-tech industry into parks(Yan et al.,2018), Whether a science park can continue to maintain its rapid economic growth depends to a large extent on its own innovation ability (Du,2012). Science parks serve as the target and carrier of technology innovation, while technology innovation is the fundamental driving force to the development of science parks (Liu, 2019). In order to accelerate the pace of science and technology innovation in science parks, countries around the world have formulated various policies to promote innovation activities and achievements transformation, which play an important role in improving innovation efficiency and the transformation rate of science and technology achievements. Because science and technology innovation policy contains different types, functions and means, how to compare and design appropriate policy and policy mix to maximize the incentive effect has become the primary problem for decision makers.