Abstract for: A Study of Enhancing Competency and Advancement in a Complex Multi-Agent Marketplace

Multi-agent marketplaces have evolved as part of multi-agent systems. Modeling and computation tasks have become more challenging and complex as the size increases. There is need for technologies and systems where models and computation are organized as sublayers and/or components. With today's complexity and the vast increase in the number of players in the market, the marketplaces are now transferred into interconnected networks of contents, services, devices, and humans which act as agents. These multi-agent marketplaces act on behalf of users and will be able to apply decision making processes. Efficiency and being ahead of the competition are among the most imperative and crucial challenges that companies are facing nowadays. Companies have to make sure that everyone have access to an adequate and quality supply of products and these products will be available to the customers in a timely manner. They also have to strive to be the best in the market. This work applies a systems engineering approach to understand multi-agent marketplace and examines the factors and factor relationships that affect efficiency and growth in this environment.