Abstract for: Envisioning the Sustainability Transition – understanding processes of change and introducing 'Sustainable Lifestyles Nexus'

The aim of this article is the understanding of processes of change, which is accomplished by investigating several perspectives and at multiple levels – this includes Systems Thinking and Dynamics, Behaviour, Social practices, Transition, and Innovation. Additionally, some experiments and reflections are introduced towards this envisioning. Overall, we’ve understood that processes of change are very complex, interconnected, and occur at multiple levels in the system. Thransdisciplinary research is perceived as key towards building these understandings and triggering the transition, and that Systems Thinking and Dynamics may provide a relevant contribution to the task, namely in the identification of ‘leverage points’ for intervention. Furthermore, we advance the concept of the ‘Sustainable Lifestyle Nexus’ as an expression of ‘systems symbioses’ beyond sectoral perspectives, and which we hypothesize may have a significant contribution. Finally, we distinguish some possible solutions for the Revolution, such as ‘Transformative Inter-generational talks and stories’, ‘Sustainable Systems Design’ and the perceived relevance of ‘B Corps’. Overall, there is the understanding of the need for multiple paradigm shifts (e.g. unfolding as a spiral), to accomplish the challenges of a healthy environment, and a happy society for all.