Abstract for: Engaging Stakeholders: Peace Engineering in the Arctic

NOTE Maximum capacity: 25. Peace Engineering is the application of science and engineering principles and technology to promote and support peace. This emerging discipline brings together the systems engineering community in academia, industry, and government with practitioners and researchers in the peacemaking, peace-building, peacekeeping, and security communities to explore the role of technologies in removing conflict drivers and barriers to peace, and to support environments in which human potential and well-being can flourish. Practitioners of peace engineering must assess how technical solutions impact the peace, security and cultural values and trade-space relative to the systems of individuals, local communities, and societies within which the solutions are deployed. This workshop will interactively engage experts from the Peace, Security, Human Behavior, Development, and Environmental science fields to explore how systems analysis tools - such as system dynamics combined with ABM and discrete analysis - can best be used to inform decision-making through models of the peace-security-development dynamics at the community level in a case study of the Arctic, building on historical patterns of cooperation to inform new processes and mechanisms for accommodating commercial, security, and community interests in the face of climate change.