Abstract for: Possibility of installing LED fishing lights in the squid-jigging fishery in Japan

The squid-jigging fishery in Japan has two crucial issues. One of them is that the squid catch is declining. Another issue is the increase in fuel cost. Due to these problems, many fishers are worried about deteriorating management. Many researchers have attempted to develop a technique to largely reduce fuel consumption by using LED fishing light. In this study, we investigate an effective procedure to spread the adoption of LED fishing light in order to continue stable fishery management. To examine LED introduction effects, we simulated two different decision-making scenarios to install LEDs. The first scenario requires the replacement of all MHs with LEDs after the purchase fund has accumulated. In the second scenario, LEDs are gradually replaced based on the ratio of the cash stock. The total initial costs of LED systems are approximately JPY 250 million in the cooperative. In the first scenario, the total initial cost and predicted income using only MH can be collected over six years by reducing fuel consumption. In the second scenario, the cash equivalent falls below the predicted cash equivalent of the reference scenario over ten years, which is longer than the first pattern.