Abstract for: Scaffolding feedback in complex dynamic system context: Effect of online interactive learning environments

It is well documented that people have difficulties of comprehending complex dynamic systems (CDS) and communicating their understanding about such systems. Research shows that feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning, both positively and negatively. Following a designed based research framework, this paper provides evidence on how to effectively integrate scaffolding feedback with online interactive learning environments (OILE) to foster learning in and about CDS. Data from students’ progress log and from an exercise administered to measure transferable skills were analyzed to provide empirical evidence. Findings from the progress log show that the students’ performance improved significantly over time over subsequent tasks. A comparison in performance improvement between higher and lower achiever students shows that lower achievers’ benefited most from the scaffolded feedback. The result from the transferable skill exercise shows that students who used the OILE performed significantly higher than those who did not use the OILE. In light of supportive evidence, the paper concludes that OILEs that integrate scaffolded feedback have promising potential to support students’ learning in and about CDS.