Abstract for: Modeling the Complex and Dynamic Urban System

System Theory has made planners and geographers realize that urban areas and its mechanism can be understood from a new perspective. The research methods associated with system theory are powerful tools to explore the urban system problems. In this paper, system theory has been explained in detail, followed by the application of theory in the urban system. Also, the need for dynamic modeling and simulation methods for a complex system is explained. On the basis of this, the complexity of the urban system is analyzed and discussed, followed by models and simulation frameworks that can be applied for studying the urban system. It is essential to depict and analyze the problems about urban complexity and explore deeper for the rules in dynamical urban development with the abstract framework of system theory so that cities can be planned and designed in a better way. The system approach to urban planning is explained in detail with the importance of sustainability indicators in each subsystem of the urban system. This paper is a continuing effort to evolve a plausible sustainable development plan for the development of the city systematically and scientifically. It also discusses the various subsystems in the urban system and the sustainability indicators within them.