Abstract for: Automated Loop Dominance Analysis in Stella using Loops That Matter

New in Stella Architect and Stella Professional is the ‘Loops that Matter’ toolset which automates the process of formal loop dominance analysis. In this workshop we will show you how to do your own loop dominance analyses using a variety of models from the very simple (<5 feedback loops) to the very complex (>500 feedback loops). During this workshop participants will learn: 1. How to interpret and use animated stock and flow diagrams to understand the origins of model behavior. 2. How to machine generate accurate animated causal loop diagrams of the real time loop dominance profile of their models. 3. How to quickly simplify complex models without losing the dynamics which are key to model understanding. No prior experience with Stella is necessary. IMPORTANT **AHEAD OF THE WORKSHOP** - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE STELLA 2.0 USE THE Additional Materials BUTTON (click on the paper title if you don't see the button) TO GET A WORKSHOP VERSION OF STELLA ARCHITECT (bottom of the page) AND INSTALL IT. USE SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS TO GET MODELS FOR THE SESSION!