Abstract for: Projecting impact of climate change and exploring policy measures

Purpose of this study is to project impact of climate change on the economy, society and environment and explore strategies to strengthen capability to mitigate the impact of climate change. For this purpose, system dynamics model was built with several sub sectors including urban, rural, population, and social-environmental sectors. The magnitude of climate change impact was estimated and compared between urban and rural area, and among economy, society, and environment. The simulation period was set from 2000 to 2050. Simulation results derived with the RCP8.5 scenario shows that the total damage inflicted by climate change continues to increase until year 2050. One of simulation result shows that social and environmental damages such as decline in biodiversity and health costs account for the largest proportion of total damages induced by climate change, followed by reduced industrial output, livestock loss, forest damage and cost associated with extreme weather events. Several policy suggestions and discussions were made based on the simulation results.