Abstract for: Start Macro Modeling with a MacroLab20 Template

Want to get started with macroeconomic modeling? Or, just curious about what’s involved? If you teach economics or do economic research, or if you’re an armchair economist who likes to tinker with models, there is something in this workshop for you. You will get a free 30-day version of Stella Architect plus the MacroLab Template. During the workshop, guided instruction will help you use Template to build a simple model and jumpstart your macro modeling experience. Even experts may be interested in how MacroLab20 ensures stock-flow consistency and links the financial sector with firms, households, and government. Plus, you will receive tips for teaching others how to get started. The template is a by-product of two decades of teaching macroeconomics and monetary policy with MacroLab and, more recently, developing system dynamics models for economic policy analysis in Eastern European countries. The workshop will be conducted by a team of three experienced modelers who also have Zoom instructional experience.