Abstract for: Modeling Psycho-Social Dynamics

Many system dynamics models need psychological and sociological constructs to achieve their purpose. These constructs include intangibles like trust, motivation, and morale. This workshop describes the modeling activities that transform these constructs into stock-and-flow structures. For each construct, the first activity is to define it. The next two activities quantify it and operationalize. Thus transforming it to a simulation variable. The last activities validate it and relate it to other variables in the model. We build upon our two previous deliveries of this workshop (2015, 2017). But we illustrate this process with two major examples instead of many smaller ones. They focus on modeling reputational dynamics of an organization. Their purpose is to help companies prepare for and handle a reputational crisis. Modeling-building activities in the workshop come from theory and case examples. One source is the book, “Reputation Rules" (2011) by Daniel Diermeier. Relevant constructs include moral outrage, warmth, reputation, competence, media attention and loyalty. Our website includes all the workshop materials. These include videos of the workshop, a published interactive mind map, and all the models. Here the link: https://pascalgambardella.com/workshops-and-trainings/system-dynamics/.