Abstract for: System dynamics modeling of Mongolian cashmere sector

We have created dynamic model of Mongolian cashmere sector on the VENSIM program and it has main 10 sectors from raw cashmere to final production: goat, raw material preparation, washing, combing, spinning, weaving, knitting, producing and selling, sales influence of domestic market, sales influence of foreign market, total income and taxation as well as its result. In addition to that, all results are shown in last two sectors. Validity of model is from 2012 to 2030. It means that it is general situation in 2019-2030 judging from research of the last seven years numerical data. It is designed to see how main indicators are changed in imposed taxation and also make simulation in case of considering export taxation of washed and combed cashmere as main parameter. It is possible to use this model completely to foresee long and medium term prospects of Mongolian cashmere sector, make simulation on this model and process developmental policy for cashmere sector.