Abstract for: China (Mao Zedong policies design 1958)

History shows countless examples of how leaders of organizations and countries make their decisions when designing intervention policies loaded with good intentions, which seek to improve the sustainability of their ecosystems, often without knowing the structure of causal cycles that underlie the phenomenon and that in the latter circumstances they are the ones that determine or cause their behavior, without this understanding usually the changes are made blindly, with generally disastrous results given the counterintuitive behavior of any system. The case of China with its president Mao Zedong (policy design 1958) is not the exception, when deciding to exterminate the sparrows that fed on the grains their crops, not seeing the causal connections of the elements that formed their ecosystem, caused the famine and death of millions of people, hence the importance of innovating the teaching of history, seeking to be with one foot pointing to the future, to learn from it and not make the same mistakes as before.