Abstract for: Practitioner's Approach for Model Ownership

Basic starting point of this workshop is applying System Dynamics in the working processes of organisations e.g. for support in making their decisions and/or improving the substantiation/transparancy of their decisions. To make this work in practice it is necessary for the employees of those organisations that they are involved in the development of the model to make ittheir models (ownership) on which they can rely in preparing and making decisions. Different types of users in organisations can be recognized like the real users of the models, the management andthe management board. They all have to be involved and informed about the model development process and have to be able to give their input. Howqever: their time and availablity is limited. And also to gather differente stakeholders from diferent locations is hard: how to get them involved 'from a distance' e.g. virtually? In jan 2019 we ended a MSc thesis study by EMSD students from Radboud University. We would like to present results and also challenge the participants to give their ideas. We will conclude this participatroy workshop with a summary "guidelines for model ownership in a business context'.