Abstract for: World Climate Game for Primary School

Climate change and conflicts triggered by seems to be the hardest challenge humanity ever faced as a species. It is a super wicked problem that can only be solved by global cooperation where time is running out, there is no central authority and parties have conflicting short term interests. To support efforts to solve this vital problem by raising awareness in primary school students, we developed and implemented an activity plan based on World Climate Simulation Game, an in-person role-playing exercise of the UN climate change negotiations. It was the last activity where seventy 3rd grade students were divided into three world regions. Students were trained using system thinking tools about concepts that might be unfamiliar. The excitement and attention during the negotiations, the great rejoice of achieving below 2℃ target at the end, and most important of all, the insights about climate change and possible leverages, strongly indicates that, with a good preparation beforehand and some minor modifications during the game, World Climate Game has a great potential to raise climate awareness in primary school level. We want to share this experience in poster format and discuss possible ways of dissemination dissemination throughout all primary schools in the world.