Record of the
36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
Reykjavík, Iceland -- August 7-9, 2018

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Aamir, Munaf with Robert Taylor and Marissa Ballantine  Strategic facilities space management modeling for better decision support  Abstract

Aiyetan, Olatunji with Dillip Das  Mitigating skilled labour shortage challenges in Construction industry in South Africa  Abstract   Link from Authors

Akhavan, Alireza with Paulo Goncalves and Ali Mashayekhi  Government Subsidies and Common-Pool Resources: A System Dynamics Model of Pistachio Production in Rafsanjan, Iran  Abstract   Link from Authors

Akkermans, Henk  Shock therapy: Teaching supply chain dynamics to a non-SD audience in SCM  Abstract   Link from Authors

Akkermans, Henk  Securing Soft Landings: Strategic planning of a pilot workforce chain in response to a demand shock  Abstract   Link from Authors

Akoguz, Elif Cansu with Nefel Tellioglu and Yaman Barlas  The Dynamics of Food Waste in Relation to Consumption, Production, and Shopping Patterns  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Aktas, Gizem with Yaman Barlas  Modeling the Biological Mechanisms That Determine the Dynamics of Stress Response of the Human Body (Dana Meadows Award Winner & Lupina Award Winner)  Abstract Paper

Alderman, Leigh with Karen Minyard  Building Policymaker Capacity to Address the Opioid Epidemic Using Systems Mapping  Abstract   Link from Authors

Almaguer Prado, Pedro Dagoberto with Ramiro Luis Almaguer Navarro  Learning lab for the management of invasive species, using Stella Architect  Abstract

Amal, Devita with Steven Hodges, Erin Webb, and Alejandro Salado  Exploring the System-wide Impacts of Supply Risk in the Biofuel Supply Chain: A Comparative Analysis  Abstract

Ansah, John with David Matchar and Amina Islam  Systems modelling as an approach for understanding and building consensus on non-communicable diseases (NCD) management in Cambodia  Abstract

Ansah, John with David Matchar and Lukas Schoenenberger  Mapping the dynamic complexity of chronic disease care in Singapore: using group model building in knowledge elicitation  Abstract Paper

Apostolopoulos, Yorghos with with Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Michael Lemke, Adam Barry, Alex Russell, and Jameisha Brown  Alcohol-Impaired Driving in U.S. College Environments: Stakeholder-Based Causal Loop Analysis to Advance Policy Planning  Abstract

Apostolopoulos, Yorghos with with Kristen Hassmiller Lich, Michael Lemke, Adam Barry, Alex Russell, and Jameisha Brown  Collaborative Systems Thinking to Teach Old (And Young!) Dogs New Tricks: Triggering Better Decisions to Reduce Alcohol Misuse Among College Students  Abstract

Arora, Gurvinderpal Singh with Rizky Januar  Modelling Land Use in Megacities under Deep Uncertainty: A Case of Jakarta (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Atzori, Alberto Stanislao with Eva Sevigne Itoiz, Lorenzo De Lucia, and Giuseppe Pulina  Spreadsheep: information technologies to overcome perception delays in a dairy sheep supply chain  Abstract

Atzori, Alberto Stanislao with Luis Tedeschi  Dynamics of global Dairy Sector: model evaluation and new calibrations using FAOSTAT data.  Abstract

Auping, Willem with Jan Kwakkel and Erik Pruyt  Exploring the Potential for Feeding a Changing World  Abstract Supporting

Auping, Willem with Jan Kwakkel, Erik Pruyt, and Wil Thissen  Uncertainty and Model Development  Abstract

Bakken, Bjørn Tallak with Lars Thuesen and Corneliu Eftodi  Seeing is Believing is Doing – How to effectively reduce violence against women using modeling and simulation technologies  Abstract

Ballard, Ellis with Pratiti Priyadarshini and Kelsey Werner  What is the status of a boundary object when filtered through multiple layers of translation?  Abstract   Link from Authors

Bartelet, Henry  Urban Dynamics and Slums in the Developing World  Abstract

Bastan, Mahdi with Stefan Groesser and Elaheh Zadfallah  Model-Based Risk Assessment to Clinical Risk Management Policies  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Beckage, Brian with Louis Gross, Katherine Lacasse, Eric Carr, Sara Metcalf, Jonathan Winter, Peter Howe, Nina Fefferman, Travis Franck, Asim Zia, Ann Kinzig, and Forrest Hoffman  Modeling spatial discordance in greenhouse gas emissions and climate impacts on future climate change  Abstract   Link from Authors

Beckman, Nicole with Steve Peterson  Chronic Pain in Women Aged 45-54 and the Opioid Epidemic  Abstract

Bello, Wasiu  CSFs for Cost Performance Diagnostics Model in the Nigeria Construction Industry  Abstract

Benabderrazik, Kenza with Birgit Kopainsky  Assessing the resilience of horticultural growers in a country facing rapid environmental and socio-economic changes, the case of fresh tomato in Morocco  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Benjamin, Peninah  Improving AYUDA’s Efforts and Knowledge of Type 1 Diabetes in the Dominican Republic  Abstract

Bennich, Therese  Dynamics of change – the transition to a bio-based economy in the Norrköping region  Abstract

Bidgoli, Danial with Mohammad Owlia, Mohammad Taghi Isaee, Mohammad Hosein Abooie, and Alireza Akhavan  The impact of customer knowledge on corporation performance  Abstract

Bleijenbergh, Inge with Monic Lansu and Pleun van Arensbergen  Gender inequality in science; a system dynamics model  Abstract Paper

Block, Joachim  A Hybrid Modeling and Simulation Approach for the Strategic Workforce Planning Problem  Abstract Paper

Bobrova, Yekatherina with George Papachristos and Nici Zimmermann  A dynamic model of psychological fatigue in the process of low carbon home retrofit  Abstract Paper

Boettcher, Kevin with Kim Warren  Wind Tunneling Business Strategy  Abstract Paper

Bonham, Taggart with Steve Peterson  Exploring Effects of Potential Pollution Tax Policies in Rural China  Abstract   Link from Authors

Booyens, Danie with Naledi Memela  Arrays and Large Data Sets - a Skills and Resources Case Study  Abstract

Brady, Malcolm  A system dynamics funding model for universities  Abstract Paper

Branscomb, Jane with Karen Minyard  Facilitating policy development, decision-making and evaluation: Which tools to use when  Abstract   Link from Authors

Brockhaus, Friederike with Peter Sedlmeier  Iconic signs and stock flow performance  Abstract Paper

Cafe, Patricia with Ricardo Matos Chaim  Dynamics of Taxation on Fuels  Abstract

Cai, Lin  Analysis of China’s Oil Supply, Demand, and Foreign Dependence  Abstract Supporting   Link from Authors

Cappuccio, Valerio with Nici Zimmermann, Catherine Willan, Esfandiar Burman, and Michael Davies  Organisational actors’ motivations and building performance traps: Evidence from case studies and modelling on interactions of reputation, identity and collaboration  Abstract Paper Supporting

Carroll, Ed with Dana Grisham, Nancy Hayden, Sharon Trauth, Eliot Rich, Frank Salvatore, William Schindel, Chris Schreiber, Steve Jenkins, and Anne O'Neil  Principles of Model Based Engineering: An emerging manifesto  Abstract   Link from Authors

Carter, David with Jonathan Moizer and Shaofeng Liu  Direct Action or Social Nudge: where are the effective policy levers for helping families select secondary (high) schools?  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Carvalho, Hamilton with José Mazzon and Joaquim Santos  The roots of Brazilian social holocaust  Abstract   Link from Authors

Carvalho, Hamilton with José Mazzon and Joaquim Santos  The curse of low human development  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Carvalho, Hamilton with José Mazzon and Joaquim Santos  Modeling social change: A tribute to Jorgen Randers  Abstract   Link from Authors

Castaneda, Monica with Sebastian Zapata Ramirez, Isaac Dyner, and Judith Cherni  Cautious feed-in-tariff for promoting PV generation in the UK residential sector  Abstract

Castaneda, Monica with Sebastian Zapata Ramirez, Maritza Jímenez, Isaac Dyner, and Carlos Franco Cardona  The growth spiral of rooftop solar PVs: where and when?  Abstract

Catalilna, María with Ignacio Perez and Joan Cruz  Supply Chain Characterization for technology products depending on the price and exchange rate in Colombia for the gamer market under three sales channels: retail, portals and online  Abstract

Ceballos, Yony Fernando with Ronald Ortiz and Julian Castillo  Effects of the consumption of energy in development dynamics in isolated rural areas.  Abstract

Chaim, Ricardo Matos with Jorge Henrique Fernandes, Jonas Carvalho, Bruno Carvalho, Janaina Sallas, and Ana Luisa Oliveira da Nóbrega Costa  Computational Simulation for Software Engineering Requirements Definition - the case of arboviruses dynamics in Brazil (Supported by FAP-DF)  Abstract

Chia, Eng Seng with Jakkarin Sae-Tiew, Chi Shien Tay, Wei Xiang Tan, Aaron Lim, and Jaron Chan  Skills Mismatch and Information and Communications Technology Manpower Shortage in Singapore (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper

Chia, Eng Seng with Yi Ming Liu, Chong Wei Goh, Zhi Wei Ling, and Silvester Chin  Curbing Dengue in Singapore Using Wolbachia  Abstract

Clancy, Timothy with Oleg Pavlov, Bland Addison, and Khalid Saeed  Resolving the Sageman-Hoffman Debate on Terrorist Radicalization (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract

Clifford-Holmes, Jai with Shane Carnohan, Carolyn Palmer, Sharon Pollard, and Jill Slinger  Modelling as Bricolage  Abstract

Copin, Stephane with Tamim Hammadi and Selmin Nurcan  System Dynamics Applications in Emergency Department for Waiting Time Improvement  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Corredor, Giovanni with Luis Rabelo, and Edgar Gutierrez-Franco  Roadmap for the formulation of space politics of a developing country using system dynamics  Abstract

Cunico, Giovanni with I-Chun Huang and Sebastiaan Deuten  Local Cooperation, Local Prosperity: Insights of Participatory System Dynamics Modeling within a Degrowth Community  Abstract Paper Supporting

Curram, Stephen  OSCAM: 22 years of making better operating and support estimates of fleets of ships and aircraft for the US Navy  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Cvetkovic, Dragana with Ljiljana Cvetkovic and Vladimir Kostic  Robust Stability Measures in Ecology via Pseudospectra  Abstract

Daradzeika, Aliaksandr with Nuno Videira and Krystyna Stave  Sustainability of surplus food redistribution systems  Abstract Paper Supporting

Das, Dillip with Debasish Sahu  Exploring the potential of development of Information Technology industry in a South African city  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

de Gooyert, Vincent with Rick Aalbers and Andreas Groessler  The Dynamics of Related Acquisitions; Downsizing Magnitude, Timing, and Employee Engagement  Abstract Paper Supporting

Deuten, Sebastiaan with Jonatan Gomez Vilchez  Understanding Feedback in the Transition to Electric Vehicles: Insights from the Markets in Norway and the Netherlands  Abstract Paper Supporting

Dianati, Kaveh with Nici Zimmermann and Michael Davies  London’s Housing Crisis - A perspective based on the role of financial markets and the UK’s economic growth model  Abstract Paper Supporting

Diller, Tim  Optimizing stock management at the Blood Bank of Iceland  Abstract

Dowidowicz, Anthony  "Kiss Up and Kick Down": The Effects of Destructive Leadership on Healthcare Organizations  Abstract

Drmola, Jakub with Tomas Hubik  Stochastic modeling: power laws and terrorism  Abstract Paper

Ðula, Ivan with Andreas Groessler  Fairness in the Beer Distribution Game (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Du Plooy, Corne with Naledi Memela  A System Dynamics Approach to Water Quality: Initial Conceptualization  Abstract

Duminy, Lize with Jonas Matheus and Monika Pichler  Modelling state failure in Somalia: a sustainability perspective  Abstract   Link from Authors

Duminy, Lize with Josephine Musango, Benjamin Batinge, Ian Taverner, Martin Viljoen, and Suzanne Smit  From model results to implementation in practice: the case of Mohair Value Chain Sustainability Project  Abstract   Link from Authors

Duminy, Lize with Marie Brechbühler Peskova  The synthesiser role of expert modellers in multidisciplinary research projects: a practical guideline  Abstract Paper Supporting

Eckert, Alec with Amanda Karapici  Testing Development Roadmaps: Portugal’s Crescimento Verde  Abstract Paper Supporting

Edali, Mert with Mustafa Baydogan and Gönenç Yucel  Classification of Fundamental System Dynamics Model Outputs  Abstract

Eker, Sibel with Gerhard Reese and Michael Obersteiner  Meat or vegetarian? - A model-based analysis of the global diet change dynamics  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

El Hachem, Wissam with Pietro De Giovanni  Transition to Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Distributive Justice Perspective  Abstract Paper

El Misaoui, Safae with Souhail Maazioui, Saad Benjelloun, Abdelkrim Lachgar, Charles Jones, and Travis Franck  Developing an Agricultural Land and Policy Simulator to Promote Climate-Smart Policy  Abstract Paper Supporting

Els, Sharon  Delivering Critical Projects & Programs  Abstract Paper

Ercil, Yavuz with Cigdem Baskici  Analysis of Dynamic Strategic Evaluation Decisions  Abstract

Faezipour, Misagh  The Empowered Patient Wants Shared Decision Making – How can System Dynamics Modeling Help?  Abstract Paper

Fazeli, Reza with Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Hlynur Stefansson, Ehsan Shafiei, Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson, and Bjarnhéðinn Guðlaugsson  System Dynamics model as a decision support tool: Stakeholder Engagement step and MCDA  Abstract

Ferreira de Oliveira, Leonardo with Carlos Denner dos Santos Júnior  Public Value Through Open Data Innovation  Abstract

Fisher, Diana  System Dynamics Models Created by Secondary School Students: 1990 – 2010  Abstract

Flower, Kelsey  Bush, Hussein, and Coupled Cognitive Biases in the Lead-Up to the Iraq War  Abstract

Fowler, Patrick with Katherine Marcal, Saras Chung, Melissa Jonson-Reid, and Peter Hovmand  Scaling Up Services within the Child Welfare System: Policy Insights from Simulation Modeling  Abstract Paper Supporting

Frerichs, Leah with Ozgur Araz, Larissa Calancie, Terry Huang, and Kristen Hassmiller Lich  A dynamic age-structured model for understanding long-term trends in US obesity prevalence  Abstract   Link from Authors

Froese Buzogany, Raquel with Paulo Goncalves and Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki  Policy Analysis of Material Convergence Challenges During Disasters  Abstract Paper

Gallati, Justus with Matthias Mueller, Eva Blozik, Corinne Chmiel, Matthias Waechter, and Oliver Kessler  Simulation Model for a Needs-Based Health Care Planning in Switzerland: the Example of Coronary Heart Disease  Abstract

Gallen, Hannah  Deconstructing Social Entrepreneurship: Exploring Impact and Efficiency Across Strategies  Abstract

Gambardella, Pascal with John Hayward, Erika Palmer, and Dana Ilmari Polojarvi  Approximating Network Dynamics in the Classic Maya Collapse  Abstract Paper Supporting

Garvin, Jennifer with Michael Smith, Virginia Yazzie, Paige Benally, Charnetta Brown, Natalie Kelly, Jose Nativi-Nicolau, Salim Virani, Charlene Weir, and Laura Petersen  Beta Blocker Titration in Heart Failure at the Point of Care: A Causal Loop Analysis  Abstract   Link from Authors

Gencer, Busra with Patricia Ochoa  Regulators Facing Renewable Targets: A Policy Analysis  Abstract Paper Supporting

Glazner, Christopher with Sarah Beebe, Mark Zimmermann, Evan Elsaesser, and Daniel Chudnov  Loopy for Analysts: A Systems Thinking Tool for Intelligence Analysts  Abstract

Gomez Vilchez, Jonatan  Exploring the Battery Market for Electric Cars  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Goncalves, Paulo  Competing for scarce resources during humanitarian emergencies  Abstract Supporting   Link from Authors

Gonzalez, Cleotilde with Nalyn Sriwattanakomen  Valence Matters in Judgments of Stock Accumulation Over Time: An Intervention to Improve Blood Glucose Control and Other Global Problems  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Gorgulu, Berk with Gönenç Yucel and Mert Edali  Efficient Parameter Exploration and Behavior Mapping for System Dynamics Models  Abstract

Gozluklu, Burak with John Sterman and Nelson Repenning  A Flight Simulator for Product Development and Decision-Making BOT Seeking Optimum Strategies  Abstract Paper

Gudbrandsdottir, Ingunn with Gudrun Olafsdottir, Anna Olafsdottir, Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, and Sigurður Bogason  The case of Arctic char land based aquaculture production in Iceland  Abstract

Gunnarsdóttir, Ingunn with Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Sigurbjorg Sigurgeirsdottir, and Birgitta Steingrimsdottir  Use of qualitative information in the development of sustainability indicators; usefulness in system dynamics modeling  Abstract

Hafezi, Mehdi with Oz Sahin and Rodney Stewart  Assessment of the health and resilience of coral reefs and the associated benefits to the community well-being in a changing climate  Abstract

Halbe, Johannes with Jan Adamowski  Bridging technical, ecological and social knowledge in systems design  Abstract   Link from Authors

Halbe, Johannes with Stefan Gausling and Jan Adamowski  Vision Modeling and Assessment Using System Dynamics – Application to a Sustainable Energy System Based upon Power-to-Gas  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Happach, Maximilian with Meike Tilebein  How to (not) succeed in the German energy transition: Some insights from modeling electrical storage technologies  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Haraldsson, Hördur with Deniz Koca and Veasna Kum  Introduction to generic optimization of policy strategies for textiles- A case study of the Swedish National Waste Plan 2018 (working paper)  Abstract

Harder, Deane with Lize Duminy  A structural model on how gamification can leverage intrinsic motivation in education  Abstract   Link from Authors

Hartvigsson, Elias with Fabio Riva, Emanuela Colombo, and Jimmy Ehnberg  The merry-go-round of electrification programmes: potential pitfalls when only using electricity access as indicator for electrification  Abstract

Hayden, Nancy  Transforming the Conflict Trap: From Theory to Practice  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Hayden, Nancy with Asmeret Naugle and Mark Smith  Autonomy and the Future of Work  Abstract

Heffernan, Mark with Andrew Page, Jo-An Atkinson, Geoff McDonnell, and Ante Prodan  Informing local suicide prevention through co-design of a system dynamics model in Greater Western Sydney (Australia)  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Hettesheimer, Tim  Improving decision making for strategic production planning in markets with high dynamics and complexity by combining system dynamics and multi-criteria decision making  Abstract

Hillen, Stefanie  The impact of local communities on school development—a case study examining expectations and inclusion on a systemic level  Abstract   Link from Authors

Horvat, Andrijana with Vincenzo Fogliano and Pieternel Luning  Understanding adoption of food innovations: The case of insect-based products in the Netherlands (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper

Houlder, Dominic with John Morecroft  Using Feedback Systems Thinking and Simulation in Core Strategy Teaching  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Hovmand, Peter with Ellis Ballard  Moving from Mental Models to Technological Rules for Evaluating Impact  Abstract Paper Supporting

Hovmand, Peter with Jill Kuhlberg, Ke Zhou, Shih-Ying Cheng, Autumn Asher BlackDeer, Katie Chew, Sarah Pritchard, and Patrick Fowler  Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention  Abstract Paper Supporting

Howe, Caroline  Community Education in System Dynamics for Sustainability  Abstract

Hu, Bo with Pascual Cravaack and Martin Gawliczek  Drawing Insights from a Small Model and Statistical Data of the US Economy  Abstract

Huang, Jiaoling with Qin Zhu  Can health disparity be eliminated? the role of family doctor played in Shanghai, China  Abstract

Huebner, Julia  How Might Consumer Choice Precipitate an Electricity Death Spiral? (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract

Iturriza, Marta with Leire Labaka and Jose Mari Sarriegi  Analyzing the effects of awareness in the city resilience building process  Abstract Paper

Jajal, Priyanka with Trupti Mishra and Chandra Venkataraman  Climate Change Mitigation from Brick Industry in India  Abstract Paper

Jalali, Mohammad with Michael Siegel and Stuart Madnick  Decision Making and Biases in Cybersecurity Capability Development: Evidence from a Simulation Game Experiment  Abstract

Jalali, Mohammad with Navid Ghaffarzadegan  A Model-Based Criticism of Optimal Thresholds for PTSD Diagnosis  Abstract

Johnson, Jennifer  Assessing the Effectiveness of Systems Thinking and the Individual Learner: Improve Understanding of Socio-Ecological System Complexity  Abstract

K V, Vishnu with Sabu K and D. Bijulal  Stress Dynamics- A Psychological Study in Police Officers  Abstract

Kampmann, Christian Erik  Circular-economy dynamics in the Danish construction industry  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Kanak Rajah, Eliarani  Understanding the value and effectiveness of participatory system dynamics interventions in cross-cultural contexts: Proposal for a realist review  Abstract

Kanungo, Shivraj with Sarah Culbertson  Metrorail: Getting on Track  Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian with Paulo Goncalves  Wasted Paradise? Policies for Small Island Developing States to Manage Economic Growth while Preserving Environmental Quality: The Case of the Maldives  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Karapici, Amanda with Stefan Groesser  Reshaping the labor market: understanding the dynamics of a skill-biased technological change from the business and engineering education perspective  Abstract

Kasperidus, Hans with Peter Biber  Systems thinking and systems dynamics skills inquiry in an international master’s program in Sustainable Resource Management  Abstract Paper

Katz, Stefan with Stefan Groesser  Building confidence in Simulation Models using automated analyses  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Keith, Bruce with Mary Keith, Cody Akers, Amanda Ramirez, and Patrick Wall  Dynamics of Migration: Population Growth, Food Security, and Water Resource Management in the Nile River Basin  Abstract Paper Supporting

Kenzie, Erin with Wayne Wakeland  Presenting interactive causal-loop diagrams in Kumu: Lessons from a concussion recovery model  Abstract   Link from Authors

Khan, Aima with Birgit Kopainsky, Carmen Lee, Emmy Farha Alias, and Lucia Avila  Best Publishing Practices for Non-System Dynamics Journals: Questionnaire Design  Abstract

Kibbe, Debra with Emily Vall and Karen Minyard  How a Childhood Obesity Systems Model Impacted State Policy and Strategy  Abstract   Link from Authors

Kikuchi, Hiroki with Atsushi Fukuda and Noriyasu Tsumita  Modelling and Simulation of Adaptation Policies for Flood Event on Land Use and Transportation Fields: The Case of Khon Kaen Area, Thailand  Abstract Paper

Kim, Dongha with Benjamin Chang-Kwon Chung, Jihyun Lee, and Seunghyun Yoo  Structural Analysis of Urban Walking and Health Promotion : Systems Thinking Approach Focused on Korean Case  Abstract

Kim, Gi Joo with Seo Hyung Choi, Seung Beom Seo, and Young-Oh Kim  Development of a Shared Vision Planning Model for Participants’ Consensus: Application in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea  Abstract   Link from Authors

Kim, Hyunjung with Sarah Mostafavi and Navid Ghaffarzadegan  Strategy for Launching Data-Intensive Services: A Tipping Point for Market Adoption  Abstract Paper Supporting

Kim, Min with Jinhyung Chon  Wetland City Planning for the Controversy Surrounding Water Levels  Abstract Paper

Kivuti-Bitok, Lucy with Ddembe Williams, Richard Kikwai, and Abiodun Suleiman Momodu  Participatory System Dynamics Simulation Modeling to Improve the Operations of Radiotherapy Department of a Public National Referral Hospital in Kenya  Abstract

Kleemann, Max  Why Not Tit-for-Tat: Dynamics of mutual trust  Abstract

Klein, Raphael with Jill Slinger  Integrating flood safety simulation and policy beliefs  Abstract

Kliem, Daniel with Alexander Scheidegger  Transition management in the swiss construction industry  Abstract   Link from Authors

Kovalevskii, Dmitrii with Maria Manez, Claas Teichmann, and Lola Kotova  Assessing Adaptation Options for Water-Constrained Economy with System Dynamics Hydroeconomic Model  Abstract

Krejci, Igor with Jana Poláková and Pavel Moulis  Investigating the dynamics of animal production – the case of small holders in the Czech Republic  Abstract

Kuijer, Michel with Arjen Ros and Frits Dankers  A reviewing tool for innovations in coastal care  Abstract   Link from Authors

LaVigne, Anne with Lees Stuntz  System Dynamics in Primary and Secondary Education  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Landers, Glenn with Karen Minyard and Jane Branscomb  Using Causal Loop Diagrams as an Evaluation Tool: A Case Example of Collective Impact  Abstract   Link from Authors

Lane, David with Elke Husemann, Darren Holland, and Abdul Khaled  Getting A Handle On Norovirus Foodborne Transmission Mechanisms: A study for the Food Standards Agency  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Lee, Andy with Benjamin Zukowski  Modeling Andean bear livestock depredation, local risk perception and tolerance in northern Ecuador  Abstract

Lee, Seulbi with Moonseo Park and Hyun-Soo Lee  Robustness Estimation of the Seismic-Damaged Electric Power System in the Context of Failure Propagation  Abstract Paper

Lee, Tsuey-Ping  Improving Qualitative Social Scientists’ Confidence in System Dynamics Case Studies  Abstract Paper

Lerch, Christian with Cornelius Moll, Angela Jäger, Tim Hettesheimer, and Djerdj Horvat  Grounding Simulations on Firm-Level Data Sets - An extended approach for evidence-based policy design  Abstract

Li, Jianbing  A Simple System Dynamics Model to Examine the Impacts of Operating Parameters on Organic Waste Composting  Abstract

Li, Tianyi  Will Talented Outliers Help Improve Team Performance? The Significance of Feedback Learning  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Liu, Chang with Chang Liu, Xiaojing Jia, Qin Zhu, and Feng Lei  The Feedback Loop Delay Analysis of Socio-Economic System Based on Stock & Flow In-Tree Modeling and Simulation  Abstract

Lokhande, Nitin with Haripriya Gundimeda  Is ‘rural employment guarantee’ effective in providing sustainable livelihood? An Analysis using a System Dynamic Model  Abstract

Lungwitz, Vivien  Comparing online with paper pencil testing mode when solving stock flow problems using different problem solving strategies  Abstract Paper

Luzuriaga, Diego with Mariana Ameri  A Social Integration Case  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

MacAskill, Stefen  Enhancing Affordability Outcomes for Low Income Households Through Green Building Policy in Australia: An Integrated System Thinking Approach  Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard  Modeling is dead; Long live Modeling: regime change in model construction  Abstract Paper Supporting

Manez, Maria with Dmitrii Kovalevskii  Participatory System Dynamics Modelling for Adaptation to Extreme Hydrological Events under Conditions of Climate Change  Abstract Paper

Mansouri, Mojdeh  System dynamics modeling of Locomotive's supply chain networks– Iranian Railways  Abstract

Marcal, Katherine with Patrick Fowler, Kenneth Wright, Peter Hovmand, and Saras Chung  Capability Traps Impeding Homeless Services: A Community Based System Dynamics Evaluation  Abstract

Martinez, Lina with Manuel Garcia-Perez and Michael Wolcott  A System Dynamics Approach for the Design of Alternative Jet Fuel and Co-Products Supply Chains in the Pacific Northwest  Abstract

Martinez, Mauricio with Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia and Laura Cardenas  A model for understanding the highway construction, deterioration and maintenance.  Abstract   Link from Authors

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Jessica Trail  Understanding Time-varying Correlation in Dynamic Systems  Abstract

Mathur, Mihir with Kabir Sharma, Ankila Hiremath, Abi Vanak, Nirav Mehta, Ramya Ravi, Ovee Thorat, Madhura Niphadkar, and Swati Shresth  Modeling Coupled Human and Natural Systems in Banni Grassland, India, for Multi-Stakeholder Engagement and Consensus Building  Abstract   Link from Authors

Mathur, Mihir with Kabir Sharma, Ovee Thorat, Ramya Ravi, Swati Shresth, Ankila Hiremath, Abi Vanak, Nirav Mehta, and Madhura Niphadkar  Understanding Changes in Governance Systems of Banni Grassland, in India  Abstract   Link from Authors

Mathur, Mihir with Kelsey Werner, Ellis Ballard, and Pratiti Priyadarshini  Socio-Ecological Approach to Livelihood: From Theory to Proof of Concept  Abstract   Link from Authors

Mathur, Mihir with Barath Mahadevan, and Adithya Subramanian  Modelling Impacts of Climate Change Risks and Adaptation Responses in Oil Refineries in India  Abstract

Memela, Naledi  An Expansion of the Long Term Impact of Renewable Wind Technology Implementation in South Africa  Abstract Paper

Minato, Nobuaki  A business ecosystem modelling for a socio-technical R&D project  Abstract   Link from Authors

Mindila, Agnes with Joseph Muliaro Wafula  Last Mile Vaccine Stock Management Dynamic Model for Low and Medium Income Countries (LMICs)  Abstract

Mirhanoglu, Adnan with Ali Kerem Saysel  Sustaining Groundwater Irrigation in Mardin Kiziltepe Plains of South East Turkey  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Moghadam Manesh, Mehdi with Gholamreza Eslamifar  A system dynamics model to investigate the effect of mismanagement on Iran’s oil and gas projects: A case study of South Pars field  Abstract Paper Supporting

Mohammadifardi, Hamed with Andre Unger and Mark Knight  Development of an asset management planning tool for integrated wastewater collection and treatment systems (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Morrison, J. Bradley  Expressions of Resilience in the Emergency Department  Abstract Supporting

Moxnes, Erling  Expert advice on climate policy and effects of fake advice  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Moxnes, Erling with Sergey Naumov  Analysis of dynamic models by optimization  Abstract Paper

Mulyukin, Alexey with Ivan Perl  Executing system dynamics models on GPU  Abstract

Muthu Elandy, Kasturi with Owen Conlan  Modelling Behavioral Impacts: The Case of Publishing School League Tables  Abstract   Link from Authors

Muthu Elandy, Kasturi with Owen Conlan  Exploring The Effects Of Mass Dissemination Of Performance Data: The Case Of School Performance Tables  Abstract

Namin, Amir with Mohammad Jalali, Vahab Vahdatzad, Sagar Kamarthi, and Jacqueline Isaacs  Adoption Dynamics of Patient-Specific Knee Implants  Abstract

Naumov, Sergey with David Keith and Charles Fine  The Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on Demand for Driving: Is Pooling the Solution to Avoiding Traffic Gridlock?  Abstract

Naumov, Sergey with Rogelio Oliva  Refinements on Structural Dominance Analysis: Interpretation of parameter elasticities  Abstract   Link from Authors

Nichols, Jonathan with Anaely Aguiar Rodriguez and Birgit Kopainsky  A Tale of Two Managers: testing mental models of an intractable business problem  Abstract Paper

Nishi, Nobuo with Nayu Ikeda, Takehiro Sugiyama, Kayo Kurotani, and Motohiko Miyachi  A simulation study to shorten a long-term care period and to reduce national medical care expenditure in Japan  Abstract Paper Supporting

Nordby, Anders with Harald Ulrik Sverdrup and Håvard Vibeto  System Thinking for Gamification Design  Abstract

Nordby, Anders with Harald Ulrik Sverdrup and Håvard Vibeto  Games are systems! - teaching Game Design with System Thinking  Abstract

Nordby, Anders with Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, Ulrik Sverdrup, and Kristine Øygardslia  The best Schooldays Ever: Using systems based pervasive games for teaching in Norway  Abstract Paper

Novik, Alina with Iryna Lukianenko  The impact of migration on the economic stability in Ukraine  Abstract   Link from Authors

Ntonyane, Lungile with Naledi Memela  Effects of leakage on air heater thermal performance  Abstract Paper

Ntsoane, Mapule with Naledi Memela  Simulating the Water Usage at a Coal-Fired Power Station  Abstract

Odoemena, Kelechi with Jeffrey Walters and Olubunmi Alawode  The Drivers of Livestock Productivity in Nigeria  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Olafsdottir, Anna with Ingunn Gudbrandsdottir, Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, Gudrun Olafsdottir, and Sigurður Bogason  On modelling the price of beef and salmon using a fully dynamic approach  Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo with Juliana Gomez-Quintero, Laura Guzmán, Ivonne Natalia Hernández, Maria Alejandra Victorino Jimenez, Andrea Navarrete, Alejandro Astaiza, and Juan Sebastián Guerrero Naffah  Designing Systemic Policies: Zombies in the Classroom  Abstract Paper Supporting

Oliveira, Igor  Modelling a climate-related causal story on the emergence of the Darfur War in Sudan  Abstract Paper Supporting

Oostdijk, Maartje  Sequential exploitation, macro and micro-drivers of global fisheries expansion  Abstract

Ortiz, Daniel with Adalberto Prada, Luis Rabelo, and Edgar Gutierrez-Franco  Estimation of the demand of cars, utility vehicles and pick up in Megacities through system dynamics and agent-based simulation  Abstract

Österlin, Carl with Peter Schlyter  Different worldviews as impediments to integrated nature and cultural heritage conservation management  Abstract Paper

Paich, Mark with Pia Ramchandani and Kyungha Lim  AI Adoption in Subscription Business Model  Abstract

Papachristos, George  Analytical sociology for sociotechnical transition research: Bridging case study and system dynamics  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Papachristos, George  The low carbon transition in the UK building sector must make financial sense: a hybrid system dynamics- bottom up modelling framework  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Papachristos, George with Esfandiar Burman, Nishesh Jain, Nici Zimmermann, Dejan Mumovic, and Michael Davies  Towards the low carbon transition in the construction industry: A multi-method framework of project management operations and total building performance  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Papachristos, George with Nishesh Jain, Esfandiar Burman, Nici Zimmermann, Dejan Mumovic, and Michael Davies  Project management operations and building performance in the construction industry: A multi method approach applied in a UK public office building  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Pargar, Farzad with Jaakko Kujala, Kirsi Altonen, and Sampsa Ruutu  Value Creation Dynamics in Project Alliance  Abstract   Link from Authors

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick with Adriana Rocío Lizcano Dallos and Eliecer Pineda Ballesteros  Mechanism for Promoting Motivation, Confidence and Autonomy Through Synchronic Communication Sessions in Virtual Learning Environments  Abstract

Parra Valencia, Jorge Andrick with Adriana Rocío Lizcano Dallos and Eliecer Pineda Ballesteros  Strategic Dynamic Thinking to Manage Public Order in Colombia: A Framework to Improve Post-Conflict´s Security  Abstract

Peng, Bo with Ying Qian, Lei Xu, and Liping Kuai  A Study on Combat Process Simulation and Casualty Forecasting  Abstract

Pérez, Jairo J. with Manuel Betancur  A social simulation to understand driver’s conduct changes in emerging countries: Can technological interventions from pedestrians accelerate respect at permitted crossings?  Abstract

Perl, Ivan with Alexey Mulyukin  Application of System Dynamics for Real-time Cloud Environment Monitoring and Management  Abstract   Link from Authors

Perl, Ivan with Olga Kalyonova  Multi-modal data approach as a new way for presentation and understanding of System Dynamics models  Abstract

Peterson, Steve  Teaching a System Dynamics Approach (in a wide variety of “educational” contexts)  Abstract Paper

Pfaffenbichler, Paul with Astrid Guehnemann, Guenter Emberger, and Simon Shepherd  Simulating transport and societal effects of automated vehicles (Best Poster Award Winner)  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Picchione, Katherine  An Explanation of Oscillating Cashflows Experienced by Ugandan Smallholder Farmers: The First Use of a Model to Simulate the Effects of Trader Business Strategies on Farmer Livelihoods  Abstract Paper Supporting

Polojarvi, Dana Ilmari with Erika Palmer  Descriptive System Dynamics Modeling: Using system dynamics modeling as a bridge between disciplines  Abstract

Prasad, Pooja with Milind Sohoni  Farmponds for Horticulture: Boon or Curse? Analysing Impact on Farm Profitability, Resource Sustainability and Social Welfare (Barry Richmond Award Winner)  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Pruyt, Erik  Migration Models for Policymakers  Abstract

Pruyt, Erik with Stefan Wigman, Erin Bartholomew, Reza Hesan, Connor McMullen, Shajeeshan Lingeswaran, Andreas Yunus, Mohammad Ammar Faiq, Mikhail Sirenko, and Willem Auping  Tackling Grand Challenges with Multi-Scale System Dynamics Modelling and Simulation  Abstract

Qi, Liang with Cleotilde Gonzalez  Mathematical knowledge is related to Stock-Flow task performance and the use of correlation heuristic for highly educated Chinese participants  Abstract Paper

Qian, Ying with Fang Yu, and Bo Hu  A System Dynamics Model for Developing Small Towns with Characteristic Features  Abstract

Qorbani, Davood with Stefan Groesser  The impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on production and supply chains  Abstract   Link from Authors

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Shayne Gary  Impact of Delays and Noise on Strategies and Performance  Abstract Paper

Raman, Krishnan  Modeling of Beliefs-Attitudes-Behavior  Abstract

Randers, Jorgen  Lessons from seven attempts at "saving the world"  Abstract Paper

Randers, Jorgen with Ulrich Goluke and Beniamino Callegari  The causal structure of the MODCAP model of a modern capitalist economy  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Reitinger, Lindsey  Towards Environmental Justice: Balancing Urban Greenspace and Gentrification  Abstract

Rey, Andrés with Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia and Laura Cardenas  Dynamic of Transparency in Open Government Data Ecosystems  Abstract

Rich, Eliot with Carmine Bianchi and Luis Luna-Reyes  Collaborative Governance: A Research Agenda  Abstract   Link from Authors

Richardson, George with David Andersen, Colin Eden, and Fran Ackermann  Stakeholder Interaction Theory: Merging Goal Mapping, Stakeholder Analysis, and Feedback Mapping  Abstract   Link from Authors

Rill, Wim with Johannes Halbe  The System Dynamics model-of-the-field used as a Tool for Strategy Implementation Design, Control and Performance Evaluation  Abstract

Riva, Fabio  Investigating and modelling endogenous socio-economic dynamics in long-term electricity demand forecasts for rural contexts of developing countries  Abstract Paper Supporting

Rockart, Scott with Shayne Gary  Relating Policy Differences to Behavior Differences across Family Members  Abstract   Link from Authors

Rodriguez, Luz-Angélica with Enrique Estupinan  Public Policy Impact in the Life Cycle of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. Colombia exemplifies Latin America Status.  Abstract

Rodriguez, Luz-Angélica with Enrique Estupinan and Omar Andrés Parra Urrego  Associativity and Risk Attitude in Cundinamarca-Colombia Dairy Farmers Conditions  Abstract

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer and Eize Drenth  Predictive Asset Management Model - Case Study 'Bruggenmodel'  Abstract   Link from Authors

Ryzhenkov, Alexander  Shedding Light on the Harvesting Control Rules in Abstract Bioeconomic Models  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Rúa, Diego with Monica Castaneda and Isaac Dyner  Simulating the efficient diffusion of photovoltaics: an urban metabolism approach  Abstract

Saarinen, Lauri  Innovation opportunities emerging from responsiveness and co-located manufacturing  Abstract Paper

Saeed, Khalid  Circumscribing system dynamics modeling and building confidence in models A personal perspective  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Saeed, Khalid with Elisabeth Ryder and Amity Manning  Cancer as a system dysfunction  Abstract Paper

Sahin, Oz with Rodney Stewart, Mehdi Hafezi, and Brendan Mackey  An Accessible Robust Integrative Dynamic approach for an ecosystem-based risk assessment in Small Island Developing States  Abstract   Link from Authors

Sahin, Özge with Feyyaz Sentürk, Yaman Barlas, and Hakan Yasarcan  Modeling the Pharmacodynamics of Doping Drugs and Analysis of False Negative Tests  Abstract Paper Supporting

Sarriegi, Jose Mari with Marta Iturriza and Leire Labaka  Lessons learned in modeling processes within research projects  Abstract

Schaffernicht, Martin with Stefan Groesser  Making Mental Models of Dynamic Systems Comparable  Abstract Supporting

Schoenberg, William with Pål Davidsen  Understanding Model Behavior Using Loops That Matter  Abstract Paper Supporting

Schoenenberger, Lukas with John Ansah, David Matchar, and Salman Ahmad  Emergency Department Crowding in Singapore: Ways to Restore the Balance between Demand for and Supply of Emergency Medicine  Abstract   Link from Authors

Schrunk, David with K.C. Tran  The Science of Laws  Abstract   Link from Authors

Schölvinck, Odilia with Nteniz Kalenter and Erik Pruyt  Riparian water disputes in the Volta Basin, due to new irrigation practices in Burkina Faso?  Abstract

Schölvinck, Odilia with Nteniz Kalenter, Bastiaan Manintveld, and Erik Pruyt  Health issues (schistosomiasis) due to new irrigation practices in the Volta Basin  Abstract Paper Supporting

Selvakkumaran, Sujeetha with Erik Ahlgren  Determining the causal loops in a local energy transition process: the Dalsland case  Abstract   Link from Authors

Senge, Peter  Systems thinking and collective learning: Reflections from three decades in the field  Abstract Paper

Shafiei, Ehsan with Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Reza Fazeli, Hlynur Stefansson, Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson, and Jonathan Leaver  Simulating the impact of fiscal incentives on electro-mobility transition and prospects for Icelandic energy-economic system  Abstract

Sharma, Kabir with Mihir Mathur, Ankila Hiremath, Abi Vanak, Nirav Mehta, Madhura Niphadkar, Ovee Thorat, Ramya Ravi, and Swati Shresth  Modelling Dynamics of Prosopis juliflora in Banni, India, using a Land-Biomass Simulation Model  Abstract   Link from Authors

Shiboub, Itad with Gabriel Assaf  Development of a Recycling System Policy for Construction and Demolition Waste Materials with Applications in Libya toward Sustainable Development  Abstract Paper Supporting

Shyr, Oliver with Simon Shepherd, Chun Man, Han-Liang Lin, Yiya Hsu, Chien-Hung Tu, Chieh Kuo, Yao Hsu, Chung Chen, and Pei Wu  Tourism, Transport, and Land use: A Dynamic Impact Assessment for Kaohsiung’s Asia New Bay Area  Abstract   Link from Authors

Shyr, Oliver with Simon Shepherd, Kaida Chen, Pengbo Li, Han-Liang Lin, Hsaioting Wang, Yanciao Sie, Weihsuan Lo, Xiaoyue Wang, and Chun Man  A Spatio-temporal Industry Dynamic Simulation of Taoyuan Aerotropolis in Taiwan  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Slinger, Jill with Floortje d'Hont  Flipping the Advanced System Dynamics classroom  Abstract

Smith, Zander  Insurance Dynamics  Abstract

Song, Kihwan with Jinhyung Chon and Nam Hee Choi  Analysis of the Social-Ecological System of the Four Major Rivers Project and Resilience Improvement Plan with a Focus on the Ecosystem Services of the Nakdong River  Abstract Paper Supporting

Sooknanan Pillay, Nalini with Josephine Musango and Alan Brent  Drivers Impacting Battery Electric Vehicle Monthly Repayments  Abstract Paper

Spittler, Nathalie with Ehsan Shafiei and Brynhildur Davidsdottir  Geothermal resource dynamics and implications for energy system development  Abstract

Steinmann, Patrick with Stefan Wigman  Subscript-Based Geospatial Migration Dynamics  Abstract Paper Supporting

Stjernquist, Ingrid with Peter Schlyter  Stakeholder group modelling as a participatory tool to identify and reduce barriers for co-management of multifunctional landscapes  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Stroud, Hannah with Paul Kirshen and Georgia Mavrommati  Sea Level Rise in Coupled Human and Natural Systems: A case study of East Boston  Abstract

Suprun, Emiliya with Oz Sahin, Rodney Stewart, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, and Yaroslav Shcherbachenko  To innovate or not to innovate: A Russian case of the construction industry  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Sverdrup, Harald Ulrik with Anna Olafsdottir, Vala Ragnarsdottir, and Deniz Koca  Developing the WORLD6 integrated global model; causally linking natural resource use, population, energy, commodities, health, governance and the economy  Abstract Paper

Tadesse, Aklilu Tilahun  Framework for Designing an Online Interactive Learning Environment for Complex Dynamic Systems  Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Yutaka  Rethinking of Continuous Models with Approximate Discrete Calculations in Simulation Software  Abstract Paper Supporting

Taylor, Cameron with Tiru Arthanari  Simulation for Evaluating a Proposed Systems Architecture for Enabling Supply Chain Coordination in Disaster Relief  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Tellioglu, Nefel with Yaman Barlas  Estimating Causal Relations of Dynamic Models from Real-Life Data  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Testa, Ginevra with Bent Erik Bakken  A comparative, simulation supported study on the diffusion of battery electric vehicles in Norway and Sweden  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Thompson, Grace  Hosting the Olympics: Opportunity or Catastrophe? Introduction  Abstract

Torres, Julian with Harald Ulrik Sverdrup and Arnaud Diemer  Integrating Life Cycle Analysis into System Dynamics: The Case of Steel in Europe  Abstract Paper

Toyokawa, Satoshi with Sachiko Iijima, Takehiro Sugiyama, Nobuo Nishi, and Yutaka Takahashi  A side effect of fall prevention for inpatient elderlies  Abstract

Trailer, Jeff with Si Cheng  A Temporal Study on the Profitability - Growth Relationship  Abstract Supporting

Ulli-Beer, Silvia with Daniel Hug  Causal Process Models for Efficient Energy Project Consultation and Strategy Development  Abstract Paper

Valcourt, Nicholas with Jeffrey Walters  Evaluating Dynamic Processes of Rural Water Service Delivery Schemes in Sub-Saharan African Communities to Inform Development Policy  Abstract   Link from Authors

van Arensbergen, Pleun with Monic Lansu, Inge Bleijenbergh, and Etiënne Rouwette; The power of group model building; a micro level analysis of social interaction during group model building  Abstract Paper

Vogt, Simeon with Meike Tilebein  Modeling neodymium material flows in Germany with the purpose of establishing a recycling chain  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Voyer, John with Eric DeLuca and Jordyn Dorval  Revenue Growth in Worker’s Compensation Insurance: The Role of Safety Training  Abstract

Voyer, John with Zakariah Vanderlaan, Michael Kelley, Rachel Brower, and Daniel LeVasseur  Balancing Growth and Service Quality In an Online Veterinary Services Business  Abstract

Waimbo, Korinus Nixon with Dragan Savic and Fayyaz Memon  Water-Food-Energy Nexus Investigation for Human Development  Abstract   Link from Authors

Wakeland, Wayne with Erin Kenzie  Computational Model for Traumatic Brain Injury  Abstract

Wakeland, Wayne with Takuro Uehara and Yoko Nagase  Ecological Economic System Modelling with a Focus on Endogenous Innovation and Resilience  Abstract

Wasserbaur, Raphael with Tomohiko Sakao  Extending environmental impact assessments of consumer products with System Dynamics  Abstract   Link from Authors

Wheat, David with Marianna Oliskevych  The Canonical New Keynesian Monetary Policy Model: A System Dynamics Translation  Abstract Paper Supporting

White, Ann Marie with Kristen Hassmiller Lich  Learning about shared risk and protective factors to promote comprehensive and collaborative approaches to prevent suicide and other risk-related forms of premature death by injury  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Wieck, Gian  Dynamic Analysis of the Lionfish Diffusion in the Caribbean Sea and Development of a Policy Game  Abstract Paper   Link from Authors

Wieck, Gian with Alec Eckert  Dynamics of Institutional Change  Abstract

Wieck, Gian with Andres Montellano Zuna  Analysis of the Dynamic Developments in the Local Lodging and Rental Housing Market in Lisbon  Abstract Paper Supporting

Woodham, Emma with Siôn Cave and Alison Gray  Simulation of the management and disposal of Low Level Radioactive Waste in the United Kingdom  Abstract Paper

Yararbas, Ulkem with Emre Goktepe  Systems Thinking in Education in Turkey - First 5 Years  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Yoon, In-Seok with Hyun-Soo Lee and Moonseo Park  Analysis of Korean Housing Policy Based on Policy Mechanism  Abstract Paper

Yucel, Gönenç with Mert Edali  A Comparative Analysis of Alternative Designs for Automated Clustering SD Model Output  Abstract

Zapata Riveros, Juliana with Merla Kubli and Silvia Ulli-Beer  The best defense is a good offense: Prosumer communities as a business strategy for electric utilities  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Zeijlemaker, Sander with Jorge Daniel Uriega Silva and Guzay Pasaoglu  Malware dynamics: how to develop a successful anti-malware defense reference architecture policy  Abstract Paper Supporting

Zelinka, David with Bernard Amadei  A new insecure-secure diffusion archetype to model complex anthropocentric systems  Abstract Supporting

Zhang, Robert Zhenping with Haiyan Yan, Jiayin Qi, and Enzo Bivona  Framing alternative policies to achieve university mission: a case study of a Chinese regional university  Abstract Paper Supporting   Link from Authors

Zhang, Robert Zhenping with Yin Yi Rachelle Yang  Exploring the Dynamics of Market Share in High-Tech Companies in Taiwan  Abstract Paper

Zhao, Wang with Khaled Mohamed Soliman Gaafar  Procrastination Dynamics: A Study of Delay Tactics and Their Implications  Abstract Paper Supporting

Zhu, Quan with Henk Akkermans  Towards Condition Based Maintenance for Electro Mechanical Components  Abstract

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