Abstract for:The synthesiser role of expert modellers in multidisciplinary research projects: a practical guideline

Traditional modelling frameworks applicable to system dynamics research projects do not offer enough practical insight on how best to deal with stakeholders in the research projects. Moreover, in contrast to facilitative modellers who widely share best practice recommendations, expert modellers almost exclusively focus on academic research dissemination. The unique contribution of this article is the adaptation of process consultation theory to expert modelling when used as a synthesiser in a multidisciplinary research project. The objectives of this study are to (1) define expert modellers within the context of this paper, (2) to review the available literature on facilitative modelling best practice (3) reflect on the process of an expert modeller within a multidisciplinary research from the perception of various stakeholders (4)  recommend how process consultation practices can be adapted to the needs of expert modellers in multidisciplinary research projects. The way forward includes data validation and increasing sample size. The authors hope that this paper could spark a discussion about developing basic scripts for expert modellers similar to those available to group model builders.