Abstract for:Best Publishing Practices for Non-System Dynamics Journals: Questionnaire Design

The Power of the Loop is a study group from University of Bergen, Norway. After finishing the discussion of 5 documents, the group started a project with the objective to survey and publish an annual report on the publishing practices of the SD community. In this first length, the project designed and tested a questionnaire for the survey. 8 participants answered it. The length of their career ranged up to more than 30 years in topics on Public Health, Social Development, Agriculture and Management.  The average number of publications reported by participant was 10. Three quarters of the sample have tried to publish in the SDR. Half of the participants published successfully on it, on average, 1.5 publications per person. One quarter tried but was not able to publish on the SDR. And, one quarter have never tried to publish on the SDR. More than three quarters (87.5%) have tried and published outside the  the SDR, on average, 7 publications per person. The data is inconclusive to provide a number of tried but not published papers in non-SD journals. But, 60% of the sample listed between 1 to 12 ( x? = 5; Mo=2) journals where they tried and were not able to publish.