Abstract for:Can health disparity be eliminated? the role of family doctor played in Shanghai, China

Health disparity is a world-wide problem which reveals the health gap among individuals acorss Socio-economic gradients. Recently the Chinese government promote Family Doctor policy nationwide to improve people's health and eliminate health disparity. This study is designed to explore whether health disparity can be eliminated  and how it works. 3000 residents are tracked since FD is initially implemented in Shanghai. We use SYSTEM DYNAMIC MODEL to depict how health disparity developed and how FD affect health disparity effectively. Several qualitative interviews are conducted simultaneously to help construct models. It turns out two vicious loops dominate health disparity system which could be broken down by FD. Health disparity decreases gradually while the health gap broadens in the last 15 years of forecast, as the growth rate of Medical cost exceeds the one of income for the low-educated. Meanwhile they are losing advantage of signing, as signing rate is getting closer by the higher-educated. Hybrid scenarios are simulated to narrow the health gap, where we find Auxiliary Income Promotion Policy together with FD policy are significantly effective. Conclusions could be drawn that SES is the fundamental factor leading to health disparity, one cannot be eliminated until socio-economic gradient itself is removed.