Abstract for:The System Dynamics model-of-the-field used as a Tool for Strategy Implementation Design, Control and Performance Evaluation

The goal of this work-in-progress paper is to show how a fully-developed and validated model-of-the-field can be used as a tool by the System Dynamics Society for Strategy Implementation Design, Control and Performance Evaluation in order to increase the societal impact of System Dynamics modeling. To structure the strategy development process and create the link between strategy implementation and the model-of-the-field, an Integrated Strategy Development Framework has been developed. The current model-of-the-field is still incomplete and lacks data. Much of the relevant data is domain-specific (environment, health-care, business, etc.) and very difficult to obtain. Although not yet fully-developed and validated, the current model-of-the-field can already be used for an improved, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-related) definition of the tactics and an explicit connection to the objectives of the System Dynamics Society. For a more intuitive and a clearer understanding of the strategy implications of the elements in the model-of-the-field, a VISOV (Variables, Inflows, Stocks, Outflows, Variables) structure is proposed.

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