Abstract for:Supply Chain Characterization for technology products depending on the price and exchange rate in Colombia for the gamer market under three sales channels: retail, portals and online

With the rise of the "gamers" and the "eSports" markets in the world, there has been a growing interest in technology products that meet the needs of these new customers. Therefore, through this research a system dynamics model is developed for technology products at the supply chain in Colombia. This model considers the variables and the causes that most influence the behavior of the supply chain, integrating simultaneous characteristics of price, exchange rate, high variability of demand and multiple channels sales for three types of products....We demonstrated that the proposed model is robust and useful to improve the decision making in the commercial strategies that companies related to this supply chain can implement. We found that for the three products evaluated, the loops that govern the behavior of the chain are those related to the price of the product and the shelf life, therefore, it is fundamental that in future studies a redesign of the supply chain will be done to reduce the risk that this may involve financially