Abstract for:Development of a Recycling System Policy for Construction and Demolition Waste Materials with Applications in Libya toward Sustainable Development

Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) materials are presently put in landfills (henceforth, Landfill-Designated Waste). At the same time, many developing countries, particularly in Africa, suffer from a lack of proper management of suitable materials for road construction, mainly old concrete, brick, asphalt, gravel, and angular sand., CDW is significant because they may be fully or at least partially reused in new construction projects, saving valuable and non-renewable resources. In addition to the depletion of natural resources, the disposal of CDW causes clogging of disposal sites. Thus, CDW is a liability that can be turned into a valuable resource by using System Dynamics (SD) concepts.Through characterizing the CDW and provides an innovative needs-based recycling policy to manage it. A single building design in Libya is used for context and validation of the model. Therefore, this paper quantifies the amount of CDW material in Libya generated from demolition that is not reused. Validation in this study relies on three things: 1) verifying that the units that are input into the model are correct; 2) comparing the results with successful previous studies,3) using one specific and very common building design. This needs-based approach regarding required construction materials relies on estimates of future material needs.