Abstract for:Modeling is dead; Long live Modeling: regime change in model construction

The system dynamics methodology life cycle has benefited from a considerable amount of work in model[1] formulation, group collaboration, and model testing.  However, there is a missing stage in the modeling process, the stage that corresponds to model construction.  System dynamics modelers report on models they have built, but readers and reviewers know little of the model construction process and consequently model quality[2].  It is assumed that the model is well constructed. It is appropriate and due diligence to improve the quality and therefore the usefulness of models.  Therefore, the field requires a measure, or measures, of the quality of the model construction process.  This paper examines models submitted to the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society from 2009 to 2017 via the ‘Supporting’ links on the conference proceedings website.  It compares the 2009-2013 models to the models submitted to the 2017 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, when a sea-level change in acceptance criteria was applied.  The results of applying objective and subjective criteria to model construction are presented.  A graded approach is then proposed to improve system dynamics model construction quality and recommendations are given for further research and quality initiatives.   [1] Model, the word,