Abstract for:Climate Change Mitigation from Brick Industry in India

India has been committed to curbing climate change through Paris Agreement with reducing the energy intensity of GDP up to 30-35% by 2030. Investments in renewable energy, expansion of forest reserves and energy efficiency improvements have been addressed to achieve the stated target; however, specific actions need to be addressed in order to determine the implementation planning. Brick is one such promising industry where twofold emissions take place, one is the greenhouse gases and secondly the local air pollutants. To understand the present and future emission patterns of the same from brick industry, a system dynamics approach is undertaken wherein various interactions are developed. Future analysis is divided into two scenarios, one where the extension of present policies on brick manufacturing laid out by the government are extended and second with the advancements in technological development are implemented at a rapid rate. The results indicate that CO2 emissions reductions with the advancement under the second scenario. Nevertheless, the conclusion cannot be drawn for other air pollutants. Further investigations into the net effect of the air pollutants in combination with the greenhouse gases using global warming potentials of each air pollutant will provide a better understanding.