Abstract for:From model results to implementation in practice: the case of Mohair Value Chain Sustainability Project

The System dynamics modelling process provides a useful framework to capture the structure and decision-making process of a project. However, limited studies discuss how the model outcomes have resulted in impact or implementation. This paper’s objective is to demonstrate an exploratory stakeholder engagement process of moving from system dynamics model results, to implementation in practice, when the stakeholders’ priority is implementation, which entails, action planning, taking action steps and evaluating outcomes. The paper argues that system dynamics projects with implementation focus should be framed as an organisational intervention tool. A Cluster Intervention Framework – referring to the whole cluster of organisations involved in implementation was therefore developed, which is compatible to the Mohair Value Chain project implementation priority. As a way forward, system dynamicists need to provide empirical evidence of how model outcomes have resulted in implementation or impact, in order to establish a standardised modelling framework for implementation.