Abstract for:Associativity and Risk Attitude in Cundinamarca-Colombia Dairy Farmers Conditions

Abstractó In the supply chain of the dairy sector distinguishes four links: the primary or livestock, the industrial, the marketing and the consumer, which form a closed cycle, since consumption stimulates production in the primary link. Colombian livestock case are characterized by: high production costs on the farm, low level of associativity and specialization of the chain, low levels of technological adoption, informality in the marketing of products, limited management by producers and lack of financing for technological adoption. This is notorious in the small farm, which represent the 45% of the total livestock farm. For this reason, this article through system dynamics models the chain of the milk sector and establishes an investment decision table, using fuzzy logic. This includes investment in five aspects: education for good manufacturing practices, investment in pastures, insemination, mechanical milking and supplements. Finding that according to the benefit achieved investments are staggered allowing greater productivity and greater consumption.

Keywordsó Dairy industry, Investment, associativity, risk, systems dynamics