Abstract for:Malware dynamics: how to develop a successful anti-malware defense reference architecture policy

A significant growth is observed in malware development and the number and size of large data breaches is increasing. Malware plays an important role in large cyber-attacks, however the dynamics between them is not clear. Therefore, we want to know if the increased development of malware makes organizations more susceptible for other, bigger cyber-attacks.

Therefore, we have developed a malware defense model based on system dynamics and performed scenario analyses from the perspective of a small and large organization. Additionally, we have also simulated a specific malware campaign. Our model suggests that a multi-layered defense strategy of end-point protection, anti-malware measures and raising awareness are effective measures. When implemented, a large organization is still more susceptible to successful malware attacks than a small organization. Also, a large organization may be required to increase the number of layers in their defense strategy over time.