Abstract for:A business ecosystem modelling for a socio-technical R&D project

This research aims to propose a holistic evaluation model for a socio-technical R&D project in which government, industry and market are mutually interacted for a long-term project success. The entire business ecosystem is modelled using System Dynamics (SD). The model is composed of seven sub-systems such as government, R&D agency, suppliers, manufactures, service operators, labors and consumers. Taking initial investments and subsidies from governments into consideration, value flows and cash flows in the entire business ecosystem are evaluated using multiple quantitative metrics. The proposed model is applied to examine a case of a large-scale, long-term, socio-technical R&D project. It is expected that societal impacts of the project is evaluated in terms of revenue, cost, net present value, and employment and tax revenues on the basis of the system-wide cash flows. Most of the conventional methods of project evaluation tend to discuss investment efficiency and magnitude of economic values generated from the project. But they are often disadvantageous for  large-scale, long-term R&D projects which hold wide range of societal impacts. The proposed model enables to evaluate the entire business ecosystem in quantitative metrics which includes projection of social impacts and social changes.